All the tools your modern team needs in one app.

Have a team project, meeting or event coming up? Align Us organizes everything you need on one, easy-to-use platform. Have you ever logged into three systems to find what you need to get your work done? Quickly create a roadmap with project plans, interactive meeting agendas, discussion boards, and co-authored documents. Everything is searchable and shareable on a private social intranet to keep your team informed, organized and focused. Get started today.

Stay Engaged in Your OrganizationAll the Tools in One Spot

Align Us is an employee engagement app that will make your team perform higher with all the tools you need in one place!


Stay current with your organization’s activity in your News Feed. Create pages, manage internal meetings, send polls to your team. Customize your profile, create status updates, and follow your peers.


Search the Employee Directory and view your organization’s connections in org charts. System administrators have access to the organization’s settings, user settings, and system permissions.


Easy-to-use online project management is available for you and your organization. Manage trackable tasks, keep updated through discussion boards, and keep all employees engaged.


Collaborating with colleagues on a shared document just got easier. With real-time updates, everyone can work on a single document at the same time and see each other's changes as they happen. Create tasks in your document and assign fellow team members.

Exciting Brand New Tools in Development


Maintain a master catalog of all important organizational documents including strategies, policies, procedures, roadmaps, budgets, calendars, and more. View updates to these documents in real time.


Decide the best way to achieve your organization’s objectives. Follow up with document tracking, key performance indicators, and review tracking.


Display the mission, vision, and values to the organization so everyone will know who you are as an organization, how you see it in the future, and the rules we live by.