September 2018 Enhancement Release – Featuring

The Align Us development and design teams are running efficiently. This round is highlighted by the launch of a mobile-ready platform to improve youth group fundraisers, We have updated Project Tool with Ownership visibility. The design team continues to update the mobile app usability. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights.

Fundraiser Tool, our new platform is a new tool created to help youth groups perform fundraising sales more efficiently. For the last century, brochure-style fundraising has remained the very same. The release of has improved on one major component across all functions of fundraising. We eliminated the manual paper processing and replaced it with an easy-to-use mobile system. Good Riddance! The system is pre-configured and ready for your organization.​​​​​​​

Whether selling holiday wreaths, t-shirts or delicious cookies, the new ready-to-use system reduces administrative time and auto calculate inventory and incentives.

  • Less busy-work & more time to be in the community
  • Automatic order accounting & earned incentive calculations
  • Secure processing of orders on your own private social platform
  • Readily printable brochure & order forms for leave behind orders
  • Public Custom URL Up and running in a few minutes.
  • Easy for any level user

Organization sign-up is simple & fast.

  • Fundraiser administrator signs up and their secure & social platform is created
  • The administrator invites other team members to join the private network
  • The team sets up the fundraiser in a few easy steps
  • Have a meeting to launch with your entire fundraising group
  • No credit card or email required

Easier process for student and family fundraisers.

The fundraising platform is intended for brochure-style products sales. The typical scenario has the students and parents selling products to family, friends and local neighbors.

  1. Parent or kids sign up (no email needed)
  2. Visit potential donors to offer products to purchase (printable color brochure included)
  3. Enter sales orders on a mobile device or web connection
  4. Earn Incentives – Cash them In Foor Cool Prizes
  5. Deliver the Goods to the Customer

Fundraiser Organizer Efficiencies

What are the steps for administrators starting the actual Fundraiser? has a ready-to-use template to get going faster. We help guide the process. We will even help you decide on products and prizes to offer.

Here are the basic steps that we will guide you through:

Decide on Product

  • The first step is to decide on products or goods to offer to your potential customers
  • Next, decide on incentive products for the students raising money

List the Products

  • Once the products are decided, list them on your site
  • Quickly list the fundraiser offerings & products for sale to potential donors

Launch Fundraiser

  • Launch fundraiser & watch the competition drive sales
  • Fundraiser students & parents process orders on their mobile phone as they happen
  • Set a custom incentive plan for prizes or use the template provided by Align Us

Monitor Product Sales

  • Monitor ongoing product sales reports on the platform
  • Automatically calculates inventory to be ordered and delivered
  • Final count for prize winners to top fundraisers is obvious
  • The incentive earned is immediately available to choose reward gifts

Align Us Mobile Dashboard Updates

Login to the Align Us App from your Mobile Browser.

  • For Easy On-the-Go Access to The Full Suite of Align Us Tools
  • All screens and tools have full height and width optimizing mobile interaction
  • Easily send messages & review your internal News Feed
  • Add Meetings, Tasks, Projects Review & all of the other Align Us Tools

Project Ownership

With more work-remote teams and ever-changing roles, Ownership functionality is a logical addition to the Project’s Stacked Cards. It has been inserted to help organizations better understand who is leading each ongoing initiative and insight to workload in certain areas.

  • The Stacked Card labeled Ownership represents the individual(s) who are in charge of the project
  • The owner is clearly stated in the Project Preview Card for fast review
  • The first person is the creator who may add/remove other users as owners of the project
  • Add notes and responsibilities for each person associated with the project
  • We added a print button for formatted paper view

Getting started is easy! No credit card required. No hidden costs or fees.

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