6 Reasons to Launch a Social Intranet for Your Organization

A social intranet is an enterprise-wide collaborative tool which incorporates social functions, comprehensive search capabilities, the ability to create and share multimedia files, and a communication and collaboration portal into one common platform which all the employees can use for a number of purposes. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why you too should launch a social intranet for your organization;

social intranet launch from laptop

Better Employee Engagement

Having a social intranet allows employees to interact with each other and contribute to projects more easily than ever before. By making it a focal point within your organization, you can ensure that all your employees remain connected to each other in both a professional as well as a casual capacity.

Clear Communication Channel

Communication is an essential part of any organization. As such, a social intranet serves this very purpose and more. Having such a platform allows employees to indulge in some banter and casual conversations as well as those who are more relevant to the work their job and work responsibilities.

Seamless Project Management

Better employee engagement and a clear communication channel ultimately lead to better coordination of projects which many employees are working toward. As such, employees can work from the comfort of their own space without having to communicate with their peers physically.

Ability to Share Multimedia

In many instances, employees need to share project-related files and documents with their peers to complete tasks. Having a social intranet can help them do just that and save them the work of going through their emails to find that one file they need to work on the project.

Conduct Virtual Meetings with Ease

A social intranet helps you save your precious time by granting you the ability to hold virtual meetings. As such, you don’t have to worry about making so that you don’t forget to discuss something or arrange for the conference room to be empty for you to conduct a team meeting. On top of this, it also allows you to record meetings so that you may refer to them in the future if the need arises.

Makes “Working from Home” a Reality

Have an employee who is feeling under the weather but is willing to work from home? Want to communicate with an employee in a foreign office at a moment’s notice? If you have a social intranet, it becomes possible.

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