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The Align Us vision is to improve organizational alignmentthrough simple, connected team engagement tools.

A focused team of remote employees.We ditched the office.

It all began as a vision of unity. Abe Reese, an early technology innovator, built a human resource system from the ground up to become the most widely used recruitment platform in education. During exponential growth at AppliTrack, he saw a need for a single connected platform that would bring purpose to each daily task by aligning that task with the company’s greater goals.  He needed a place to relay the vision guided by philosophy & strategy. Upon selling his company in 2014 he began to assemble a small team to implement this vision of Align Us:

A clearer path to productivity.

Have you ever frantically searched through documents and emails looking for project details, only to save it, reformat and forward it in another email to the other members? We believe teams spend too much time searching & relaying the information needed.  We thought it would be better if all of the work was unified in one place.

We use Align Us to develop Align Us.

From the beginning, we set out to bring all work together in one easy-to-use, platform, where team members collaborate freely & have access to the information needed to achieve their goals.  Team members are empowered with the company strategy, roadmap, and initiatives providing a clear vision of how their projects lead to the greater goals of the organization.  This is what we want to do for your team at Align Us.

No barriers, encourage imagination.

We value employee engagement and encourage constant growth. Along the way we have learned that if we invest in our employees, their value will be rewarded in our customer’s success. Our team is ultimately here to help convey your vision to your team.

Align Us helps convey your vision and culture

as part of everyday life.

We are all about YOUR team results.

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