Align Us, Inc. Launches All-in-one Work Productivity Platform

Align Us recently launched a private social media platform with all the collaboration tools modern teams need to increase employee engagement. It is aimed at providing simple communication and collaboration without logging into multiple systems.

The much-anticipated Beta launch has finally arrived. Align Us announced today that their software, which has put all of the tools needed by a modern team in one simple app, is officially available for the public.

According to Abe Reese, Founder and President of Align Us, “…this software has been asked for by clients for many years. Once I sold my previous company [Aspex Solutions], I knew that I needed to put together a great team to bring this all-in-one app solution to fruition.” That is precisely what Abe and his staff, known as the “Six Pack,” have done over the last 18 months.

Align Us makes it easy to create discussion boards, interactive meeting agendas, ongoing project plans, and co-authored documents. And, with everything searchable and shareable on a private social intranet, your team will be happy and organized. The software, which has well over a million lines of code, even in its current Beta state, already competes with several other staff engagement companies like iDoneThis, OfficeVibe, and Slack. “I was tired of logging into several systems every morning to get my work completed,” commented Reese, “so I needed a single app that would bring all of the components that I used each day into one system and give the organization back control of the content.”

Small companies, schools, churches, and non-profits will immediately find benefits for their organization if they implement Align Us. “When I was a Principal,” stated Phil Chapman who served as a school administrator for years, “I would have utilized this technology to improve staff development. We would have used the private Social Intranet to create a connection with one another, not to mention the project and task management. That would have revolutionized the amount of work we would have been able to complete.”

There is no word on when the company plans to exit its Beta status, but anyone is welcome to use Align Us for free during this time.

Align Us is easy to get started:

  • Go to
  • Click TRY FREE
  • Enter your information
  • Invite your colleagues
screenshots of Projects tool with a Story Editor
Task Board image
image of directory in Structure