Align Us, Inc. Releases This Meeting Sucks!

Finally, an app you can use to anonymously rate meetings.


Chicago, IL: Align Us, Inc. recently released a fun rating app called This Meeting Sucks!–an app that arms users with a tool to anonymously review meetings to help understand why meetings fail or why they are successful. Every month, the team aims to publish findings to shed light and raise awareness on the quality of meetings. With this information, they can help promote better meetings by sharing and providing monthly insights.
This Meeting Sucks! (TMS) was conceived by Abe Reese, Align Us, Inc.’s President and Founder. He recalls,

“After a particular meeting, I overheard a group say how they wished they had a ‘This Meeting Sucks’ button that worked like American Idol, where after enough votes, the presenter was kicked off stage. So, I decided we should make that our first project at Align Us, Inc.”

He added,

“It was a perfect, lighthearted, way to deliver something of real value to corporate America. Even if only one organization uses it to bring awareness to how simple it is to make your meetings rock– well, that’s a win for us.”

With the growth of the dotsucks vanity domain names, it was perfect for TMS to take advantage of the new trend as it perfectly fits its name. In Bloomberg Business’ Why the .Sucks Domain Doesn’t Have to Suck article, This Meeting Sucks! finds its way under the Memorable and Rebellious section. With a perfect domain name, TMS expect users and organizations to take advantage of the free app.

This Meeting Sucks! is very easy to use.

  • Sign up and log in using your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.
  • Enter your organization.
  • Rate your meetings by toggling applicable reasons or by adding your very own.
  • Share reports anonymously.

Sometimes meetings suck. Vent it out! Let’s help promote better meetings.

About Align Us, Inc.: Align Us, Inc. is a software development company based in Chicago. It was founded by Abe Reese, a die-hard coder with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for organizational health. As the founder of a firm that won the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award for four years in a row, Abe knows how to turn ideas into reality while maintaining a fun, focused, work environment.

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