Align Us Video Calling is Here
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Bring Back the Two-Way Conversation

The more I look around the more I realize that the world has evolved into one-way communication. The norm is 140 character shoutouts; a text, a chat, a meme, a comment, a post, a pic, or if you are lucky all of the above. Whatever happened to a good conversation? Good luck expecting anyone to answer a phone call. The next time you are at a restaurant, look around. At a time reserved for togetherness and sharing, you will see people sitting inches away from each other staring at a small screen in their hands. The new craze for millennials to communicate is called Snapchat. They disguise themselves on short, expiring videos of their escapades. Dating is feverishly swiping on pictures.

The only saving grace for the old school, two-way conversation is the Workplace.

Workplace Needs Two-Way Conversations

The saving grace for the two-way conversation is the Workplace. Of course, we can send an email, or chat on text, but a real face-to-face conversation is still the best way to accelerate collaboration. An email and a text cannot engage your team like YOUR personal connection with them. One problem is that teams that are no longer in one building. We need a way to meaningful face-to-face connection. Align Us is bringing back two-way conversations regardless of geographical location.

The Leading Video Conferencing is Inconsistent

I work remotely and we communicate almost exclusively with our own Align Us Platform. We are building a better collaboration & communication platform for teams. At the beginning of building Align Us, we were using Skype &/or Google Hangouts for internal video calling & meetings. (It would depend on how each was “working that day”). A few times we used GoToMeeting and Zoom. I wound up downloading 5-6 different apps to my desktop ready to go in the case one ”wasn’t working that day.”

Weekly Calls Resulted in Video Disengagement

Align Us conducts weekly video calling sessions; both group & 1:1 meetings. It was challenging to say the least. It became a 1-way conversation with one person talking and all of the others trying to figure out what was said. We dealt with distortion, video freezes, lags, delays and even complete call-failure. At one point, we were using multiple systems and even resorted to using a mobile phone on speaker to daisy-chain call multiple people. Our attempt at face-to-face meetings resulted in video disengagement.

We Were Looking for a Better Way to Make Video Calls

Why were these systems so inconsistent from day-to-day? We did some research. The “in-between servers” are one of the main culprits to video disengagement. The traditional video calling systems require a server to relay the conversation between you and the other caller’s computer. Was there a better way than having a server in-between?

Around the same time we were researching, one of our beta clients suggested we add video calling to our already great instant message/chat system. After a  few more discussions, we made the decision to take Video Calling into our own “hands.”

Peer-to-Peer Video Calling

Because our technology enables rapid development of complementing features, we began to test Video Calling. We decided to use Real Time Communication (RTC), Peer-to-Peer Video Calling which eliminates the in-between server. The result? Crystal clear, no-lag video calling directly from your browser in Align Us.

Now when making a video call, there is a naturally flowing 2-way conversational experience. The people on the call feel like they are in the same room, collaborating like cubicle-mates. We are more productive, we are more engaged & we have real conversations with the ability to see reactions, hear tones of voice, and even tell the occasional joke.

Align Us is on a mission to constantly evolve the productivity platform, introduce new features for your fast moving and modern teams. You may have already guessed. Align Us Video Calling is available and ready for use. We made a 3-minute video that shows the Video Calling Feature in action.

More About Video Calling Feature

Align Us provides a social media work productivity platform. If you need to be better organized in your work or group, check out Align Us.

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