Are Your Employees Burned Out? How to Give Them a Jump-Start
Whether you work as an individual contributor or top-level executive, workplace inefficiency can cause employees to feel drained.
Alignment strategies such as eliminating workplace redundancies and conflicting priorities can increase employee morale and production. Discover these alignment strategies to learn how you can increase energy and prevent fatigue.

Try These 5 Organizational Alignment Strategies

Direct Focus Appropriately

Focusing on tasks at the right time can prevent employees from feeling drained. It’s important for workers to use time management skills. Employees should prioritize tasks by importance and completion date. Work assignments with due dates in the near future should be completed first. Prioritizing assignments on the matter of importance promote efficiency and increase production. It can be helpful to use calendars to prioritize tasks by importance and completion date.

Eliminate Conflicting Priorities

It’s inefficient and unfair to create conflicting priorities for employees. It can be difficult for employees to meet multiple deadlines at the same time. Management should consider moving additional deadlines to a later date. The most important tasks should be completed first. It might be beneficial for management to rearrange work assignments to maximize production goals.

Encourage Team Coordination

It’s crucial to encourage team coordination in your organization. A team of employees always works better than an individual contributor. Accepting help from another team member can reduce stress and fatigue. It’s also important for team members to communicate with each other. A lack of communication can cause careless mistakes and avoidable delays. Team coordination is one of the best ways to increase production.

Promote Clarity and Structure

Promoting clarity and structure is another excellent way to prevent employees from feeling drained. It’s important for management to clarify their expectations of employees. Management should set attainable goals and provide an incentive to exceed expectations. Employees can also benefit from structure in the workplace. People perform better with regular work schedules, clear production goals, and competent management.

Empower Employees to Shape the Future

Many employees feel less drained when they are empowered to shape the future of an organization. Workers are more productive when they feel like they make a difference in the world. Management should recognize the individual accomplishments of their employees. It might also be a good idea to offer company stock to workers.

Workplace inefficiency can make employees feel drained. Directing focus appropriately and eliminating conflicting priorities can reduce stress and fatigue. Encouraging team coordination and promoting structure can prevent anxiety in the workplace. Empowering employees to shape the future can also promote employee morale.

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