At Align Us, we believe in simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use. Our branding has been intentionally designed with this in mind. The initial logo concepts were renderings of ornate leaves which were eventually simplified to the most basic organic shape. As the leaf symbolized growth, it did not, however, evoke organizational alignment. The “A” monogram was then incorporated to showcase the hallmarks of our collaborative work: growth and alignment. The leaf leans forward into the “A” to demonstrate that they are interdependent and in line with each other. The overall shape’s simplicity creates flow in a single direction.

The logo has two main variations: logomark and logotype. The open logomark is mainly used when it can be showcased in a larger scale. The circular logomark badges are reserved for smaller scale print or digital collaterals (i.e. icons, email signatures).



The color red was chosen to represent passion and a sense of urgency. It has the added advantage of distinguishing our leaf from a green one, conventionally used in the environmental field. In addition to the Align red, beige and slate gray were added to unify, soften, balance, and complete the palette.