Go in the Right Direction

When you travel in 2017, it is always nice to have the GPS let you know if you are going the wrong way. I love Waze, a community-based GPS. We have grown accustomed to our devices saying to make a “safe and legal U-turn” so that you can head the right direction. Going in the right direction is crucial in just about everything that we do. If we go in the wrong direction, it will cost us time and, most likely, money.

To avoid this, we plan. My father always said the quote, “Plan your work, then work your plan” when we were talking sports. He was the most equipped Little League coach in history I think. His point, though, was that we needed to think about every detail that was coming our way and make sure that we were completely ready for the opponent. By doing that, we could work through our plan accordingly.

When I found myself in construction, I needed to do this too. I needed to plan out my work ahead of time so that I could work out my plan quickly and efficiently. The biggest component of this was to make sure that I had everything going in the right direction. Whenever I was making cuts of trim or quarter-round, they needed to be facing the right direction so that my cuts fit one another. When I was nailing in the spindles of the porch railing, I needed to make sure that the rods were facing in the right direction. Otherwise, they wouldn’t line up, and the client would not be satisfied with the final product.

From stacking the lumber, organizing the tools, to carrying in the drywall, my organization mattered. If I made sure that I was going in the right direction, it helped the project go smoother, which in turn made the work more profitable and caused our clients to be very satisfied.

Business is the same thing. Too many times we have projects that are heading in the wrong direction. However, there is no GPS sounding off, telling us to make a U-turn. Since many organizations send people off to complete specific steps in the project and then report when they are complete, no one can stop it until too late.

That is where Align Us comes in. Align Us has recently released a Private Social Intranet Collaboration Platform. It truly allows organizations to have transparency throughout every project, every task, and every last detail. Each person involved with the project will be able to support the process and be able to provide feedback if the project is heading in the wrong direction. Heading the right direction is crucial for success! Everyone wants to be heading the right way, but sometimes we take the wrong exit.

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