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Subscription Plan Comparison

Monthly subscription for 25 users.

I Done This

$312.50per month
  • Project Management


$200per month
  • Internal Communication
  • Social Intranet


by Facebook
$75per month
  • Internal Communication
  • Social Intranet

Feature Comparison Chart

Align Us is a set of connected team-engagement solutions. Review the head-to-head comparison against industry leaders.

 Align UsI Done ThisSlackWorkplace
by Facebook
Employee Engagementyesnonono
Internal Communicationyesnoyesyes
Project Managementyesyesnono
Social Intranetyesnoyesyes
Document Authoringyesnonono

Many systems “engage employees”. Align Us enhances team communication with an unmatched set of connected tools.

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 Align UsI Done ThisSlackWorkplace
by Facebook
Internal Collaborationyesyesyesyes
Team & Group Pages yesnonoyes
Internal Meeting Manageryesnonono
Internal Knowledge Baseyesnonono
Measures Job Happinessyesnonono
Instant Pulse Surveysyesnonono
Anonymous Meeting Feedbackyesnonono
Anonymous Polls & Votingyesnonono
Virtual High-Fivesyesnonono

A modern team desires multimedia messaging capabilities. Align Us has spared no detail with rich text capabilities, peer-to-peer video calling, team news feeds, instant polls.

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 Align UsI Done ThisSlackWorkplace
by Facebook
Instant Messagingyesnoyesyes
Discussion Boardsyesyesyesyes
Rich Text, Color, and Imagesyesnoyesyes
Q&A with Up Voting & Escalation yesnonono
Unified Inboxyesnonono
Video Calling ( 1:1 & Group)yesnoyesyes
Video Call Waitingyesnonono
In-Call Emoji Displayyesnonono
Video Preview Caller IDyesnonono

Project management is more than a conversation or an email. Align Us is all-in-one productivity app with project & task management, manager insight & team success.

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 Align UsI Done ThisSlackWorkplace
by Facebook
Project Management with Dedicated Discussion Boardyesnonono
Task Assignmentyesyesyesyes
Attach Documents to Projectsyesnonoyes
Task Reportingyesyesnoyes
Personal To-Do Listyesyesnono
Due Date Trackingyesnonono
Daily User Activity Log yesyesnono
Electronic Sticky-Noteyesnonono

Multimedia feeds & updates keep the team in sync. Align Us includes modern design detail you would expect from a private social media platform.

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 Align UsI Done ThisSlackWorkplace
by Facebook
Group & Private Discussion Boardsyesnoyesyes
Commenting on Postsyesnoyesyes
Purpose & Team Pagesyesnoyesyes
Multimedia Feeds - Video, Links, Imagesyesnoyesyes
Searchable Organizational Chartyesnonono
Event & Meeting Managementyesnonono
Embed Surveys in Postsyesnonono
Google Image Search Integrationyesnonono

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Azure are popular document management systems. Some companies use all of them. Align us Docs are advanced for business: co-authoring & editing, privacy, searching & finding.

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 Align UsI Done ThisSlackWorkplace
by Facebook
Document Upload & Sharingyesnoyesyes
Document Storageyesnonoyes
Full Text Searchyesnoyesyes
Document Creationyesnonono
Document Co-Authoringyesnonono
Live View Document Editingyesnonono
Document Privacy Settingsyesnonono

glasses and pencils

Responsive, modern, beautiful, and intelligent design. Align Us software was built for rapid development and solid support.

  • Fully automated test suites enable rapid development
  • REST API – we use our own API – makes integrations easy
  • 1:1 Support for all levels.
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Peer-to-Peer Stable Video Stream
  • User Access Control
  • Activity Logging
  • Video Tutorials