What's New

Our development team is working smarter every day. Some of the new features and improvements include a new email alert for messaging, mobile viewing improvements, and enhanced custom new-organization-onboarding. And soon you’ll be able to use the brand new Handbook Tool! Looking forward to 2018!

  • Messaging Updates – Send email alerts from Align Us private messages
  • Image handler enhancement – Use Google Images, avatars & image editing
  • Page Post labeling & filtering – Label posts in Pages with custom filters
  • Enhanced onboarding for organization-types
  • General Improvements – speed, mobile optimization & new training videos
  • Handbook Tool – Soon, you’ll be able to use this brand new tool!

See the availability of your chat recipients/users; offline chatters profile pic is greyed-out in chat panel. Opt to check a box to copy a message recipients email address from within Align Us.


The Profile image and Organization Logo uploaders have cropping and editing feature. We have added avatars and integrated Google Image search for both profile and cover photos.


Administrator of a Page can add labels to page posts to quickly filter to most efficient viewing. For example, use a page for suggested software enhancements. Each post is “labeled” in stages: accepted, design, coding, testing, deployed.


When a new organization starts service with Align Us, organization “type” is selected followed by a few questions triggering custom configuration and onboarding steps. A start-up, a religious group, and a PTA can all use Align Us with tweaks to jumpstart focused use of the platform.


General Improvements system performance, page loading speed, and optimization for mobile viewing
Quickly add users from Quick Add Button or use the Add User card in Structure. Getting Started Videos has been updated to reflect new changes. Dashboard and items are optimized for mobile view.



Soon you’ll be able to use the brand new Handbook Tool!
Ensure proper distribution and approval of your policies and guidelines. Securely create, distribute, verify, and collect your handbook within Align Us. Departments can collaborate on the most accurate detail.