Private Social Platform

Customize your profile, create status updates, and follow your peers. Stay current on your organization’s activity in your News Feed. Create events, groups, polls, and pages to facilitate team conversations.

News Feed

Employee engagement is what Align Us is all about. Stay engaged by keeping up with colleagues' activities through their posts on the company's private intranet.


Create a space for people to come together, collaborate, and share ideas. A page is a place where you can keep a group, a team, or the entire organization updated with a specific topic.


Communicate and collaborate by making a post. Like, share, tag, comment, pin, and more!

Questions and Answers

Ask any question you need answered. Send the question to everyone or ask a person directly. You can even escalate the question if you don’t receive a response.


Have a quick conversation with an individual or a group of people. Converse in instant messaging windows or expand to a full discussion board.


Plan your meeting in a few short and easy steps! Add attendees and instantly see the estimated cost of the meeting. Distribute your agenda effortlessly through the meeting's discussion board.

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Projects and Tasks

Project management is a crucial piece to any organization. Align Us project and task tools allow individuals, teams, and organizations get the job done with efficiency, transparency, and overall staff involvement.

Provide as many details to the projects and tasks as you would like. Each task can be assigned to individuals to accomplish with or without a timeline. Keep track of completed tasks and projects with a simple progress meter that is automatically updated.

  • Assign tasks to users
  • Change the state of tasks
  • Set priorities
  • Keep track by setting start and end dates
  • Upload documents related to your task
  • View the task activity log

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As you log into Align Us, you will be welcomed with your calendar, tasks, and project overview.

  • Never miss an event with the calendar
  • Jump to your frequented sections with quick links
  • Task and project overview
  • Check out the happiness meter and provide your feedback
  • Make quick reminders with the sticky note
screenshot of the Dashboard

Story Editor

Every project has a story behind it. Use the real-time story editor to make sure that everyone understands the project plan. Quickly create tasks directly from the story editor.


Work on the document at the same time and see each other's changes as they happen.


Control your project members and privacy settings.


Create tasks through the story editor by typing [ ].

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Create a space for people to come together, discuss, and share ideas. Similar to popular social intranets, a page in Align Us is where you can see what other people are posting about; provide your comments, images, tags, and links. A page can belong to a person, to a group (like a department or a team), or to an event. Create a page for any topic!

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Meeting Management

The meeting manager keeps all the necessary information and documents in one place so you can have the most efficient meeting possible. Plan your meeting in a few short and easy steps! Set your goal, add start and end times, invite individuals or groups of people, and add it to the calendar.

  • Manage all the necessary information and documents of your meeting.
  • Send out an invite to individuals requested to be in attendance.
  • Take meeting attendance.
  • Have one or more people keep Meeting Notes so that everyone is clear on what was discussed.
  • Engage in discussion boards before, during, and after the meetings
  • Evaluate your meeting's effectiveness through instant feedback surveys.


With the Align Us Directory, you will be able to find everyone quickly and easily through a simple search feature. Sort the users by name, department, location, or any user field. Choose list view, employee cards, or view through an org chart so that you can quickly see who each person reports to.

Use the Org Chart to visualize how users, teams, locations, and departments are organized.

sample screenshot of an org char on a laptop
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image of directory in Structure


Use OneSeach to find everything in Align Us. Never lose a conversation, project, task, or event. OneSearch can find it for you. Search using a single word or a phrase and OneSearch, with tremendous speed, will find what you are looking for.