Anonymous Meeting Feedback

Improve your team meetings with built-in, anonymous feedback (most honest).

Unneeded MeetingsDrain Productivity.

Align Us helps pinpoint where meeting improvement is needed. Meetings are ingrained in our work culture. Most people will agree that there are too many unnecessary meetings at work. Leaders are analyzing the cost of employees attending inappropriate or poorly-run meetings. Cost is not just dollars. Attending too many irrelevant meetings can lead to increased team-disengagement.

It’s no longer acceptable to attend unproductive meetings, just because "that’s the way we have always done it."

Help Improve Meetings with Constructive Feedback

Whether it’s a live event or a remote conference call meeting, attendees respond with helpful & constructive feedback for the presenter at the conclusion. The embedded survey is automated and takes less than 30 Seconds to complete. You will see your teams performance in meetings improve. They will get better at leading & managing focused & meaningful discussions. The attendee can optionally attach a name to the response.

What are the questions in Meeting Feedback?

Was there an agenda? Were goals set? Did it start and end on time? Did the technology work? The Align Us built-in Feedback Questions encourages attendees to give honest assessments of their experience. Each Meeting in Align Us has set of Stacked Cards that is available to all attendees. One of the Cards is called Meeting Feedback. The feedback concentrates on questions about the relevance of being in the meeting, and about the structure of the meeting. Attendees can also leave custom feedback using their own words. As soon as you submit, the results are available for review.

Timely & Anonymous Feedback

Does anyone ever read those 4x6 feedback forms that are left on the tables after staff meetings? How can they read the scribble? It seems anonymous, but what if the person reading knows my handwriting? Now it's no longer anonymous. The Align Us feedback survey allows attendees to give immediate qualitative feedback on the meetings that they attend. No collecting, no counting, no tabulating. All Results are automatically calculated on the Meeting Feedback Card. Because it takes less than 30 seconds to complete best practices is to ask the participants to give feedback before departing from the meeting.

Post-Meeting Reports Give High-level Overview or Granular Details

Align Us Post-meeting Reports are automatically generated and compiled as feedback is submitted. The report will continue to update as more response are submitted.

• Go to Meeting Reports.
• Review one meeting or a range of dates.
• In the report, you will see meetings rated as successful & those that need improvement.

Calculate the Cost of Meeting

If you spent $1,300.00 every Friday for an event that no one benefitted from except for you, how long would it be paid for by the company? That is essentially what happens every week in companies. The entire team sits and listens to (tunes-out) to one person, each taking their turn to speak. In the reports section, one of the categories is Estimated Cost. If there are more than 3 people in the meeting, Align Us will calculate the estimated cost of the participants being present at the meeting. Now we have and idea how much that weekly update meetings really cost, and we are not talking about the cost of the coffee.

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