Attach Documents to Projects

Keep Documents Organized. Unremovable. Unlosable.

Keep all materials organized in one place. When you need them, they are there!  Add any files or media to appropriate projects, tasks, meetings, or events.

“I can’t find the documents. Pat was in charge of implementation project manuals, and is now on a permanent vacation in Alaska, in a tent.”

With Align Us, there’s no need to worry about lost documents with personnel movement.

Upload Documents & Files from Your Computer or Cloud

  • Upload any type of file: pdf, doc, movies, images, spreadsheets, presentations & more.
  • Keep project notes available and reviewable by all team members.
  • There is no limit to the amount of media that you can attach.

Document Creator for New Documents to Support Initiatives

  • Co-create documents with live-view editing.
  • Keep official notes in Align Us for team-viewing.
  • Full document editor (WYSIWYG editor).
  • Document workflow for fast version-approvals.
  • Create templates for future use by the team.

Cross-Reference by Tagging Items from a Text Area

  • Tag a Project with a + sign
  • Tag a Document with a # sign
  • Tag a User with @ sign
  • Tag Philosophy with a % sign
  • Tag Strategy with a $ sign
  • Tag Handbook with a & sign

Secure Document Access & Sharing Controls

  • The document list is sortable by author and date listed for quick review.
  • Set to view only, editable or make it password-protected.
  • Allow public access to download documents.
screenshot of how to add Documents