Instant Messaging & Team Chat

Unify with your internal team communication with powerful, easy to use, browser-based instant messaging. Collaborate more effectively and get more done. No downloads, plugins or special software needed. Easy-to-use for all levels.

Replace Internal Email with Instant Messaging

Internal email collaboration has become distracted by outside noise. Even worse, it is a productivity-killer.  Email takes up 23 percent of the average employee’s workday, and the average employee sends or receives 112 emails per day.

One Technology Company even banned emails:

“We are taking action now to reverse this trend, just as organizations took measures to reduce environmental pollution after the industrial revolution.”

Conversation Flow That Makes Sense

Trying to string together “reply all” email chain to make sense of the conversation? It can be quite confusing and time-consuming. With Align Us Messaging, the conversation goes from top to bottom. Regardless of when you read the messages, they make sense and go in order.

“Email pollution” has become a distraction to internal communication.

How much more productive would you be with 23% more time?

Instant Access with Unified Message Inbox

The days of searching emails to find the right info are over. The unified inbox is where all of your messages are kept, all in one place for easy access. All messages are indexed and searchable.

  • Send Messages from always-available Send Menu.
  • Use Sidebar or Dashboard Inbox for ongoing discussions.
  • Receive new message windows alerts & notifications on the top toolbar.
  • See unread Messages in your End-of-Day Summary Email.
  • Use OneSearch for indexed Messages history by content.
Send a Message

Communicate instantly with peers. It’s simple – just like sending an e-mail.
No coding, special characters required. Tech-newbies welcome!

  • Go top Toolbar click Send Menu, Compose Message.
  • Add your Recipient(s), add a Subject.
  • Craft your message with creativity.
    • Make it stand out with images, graphics & text formatting.
    • Attach documents, @ tag other users directly in the message.
  • Recipient is notified that they have a message.
  • Need to talk face-to-face? Click video call and discuss real-time.
Interactive Multi-Media Capabilities

  • Send Emoji for appreciation or encouragement.
  • Send a High-Five to a peer for an extra appreciation.
  • Embed images, attach items, and links.
  • Rich Text Editor for Creative Script.
  • No limit to attachments.
Send a Survey to the Team

For more specific feedback, it might be better to poll the team.

  • Go to Send Menu. Compose Message. change post type to Poll.
  • Add subject, Add a question, insert multiple-choice answers.
  • Add the poll's end date & end time, then send.
  • Each recipient receives the poll for anonymous feedback.
  • Results are in real-time in an easy-to-read report.
Adaptive Chat Box Size

Some chats just need a text while other messages require more material. With Align Us you have options:

  • Use small box for a quick text-based chat with colleagues.
  • Make the box taller to view more text on the screen.
  • Go to the full-size message format to access extended-styling options.
  • Alternate back and forth as the conversation continues.
  • Minimize and check it later or watch the live feed.
Intelligent Content Indexing with OneSearch

Find the right information fast. Never search your email inbox again to string together conversations.

  • Text discussion & content is indexed, archived for future reference.
  • Locate message by typing in a word or phrase from a conversation.
  • Information is presented by date and relevance to the user.
  • Click to reopen the message & resume discussion.
What you won't get with Align Us Messaging? Inbox overload.

  • No Outside Distractions.
  • No mass emails, No sales emails, No promotions.
  • No Missed CC’s, No “reply alls.”
  • No more stringing together 75 emails to read the conversation backward.
Ask yourself these questions:

Do you trust important announcements to be seen by 100% of your co-workers if you send it in an email?
Do you enjoy searching through emails to string together reply all conversations? Of course, you don’t.