Commenting on Posts

Align Us discussion boards and pages are a place for conversations on relevant subjects. Commenting on posts keeps teams connected and informed, regardless of physical location. Align Us platform is intuitive and modern with the latest posting features like Twitter™ and Facebook™ but for internal collaboration only.

Use Multimedia to make your message stand out with meaning & personality.

  • Likes – Show a confirmation of approval with a simple but powerful “like”
  • Emojis – Use emojis to express idea, emotion, and feelings to your team
  • Text Editor – Not just boring text comments, use the text editor to change font, size, BOLD, italics, underline and strikethrough
images of sample of posts updates and shares with icon tools for posts

Tagging in a Post – Need a particular person to be aware of a post or comment on a post?

  • Tag the person by using the @ sign and typing the user’s name
  • Tag a Project or Task with a + sign and typing a project or task name
  • Tag a Document with a # sign and typing a document name
tagged and mentioned item buttons

Your News Feed organizes posts, comments keeping you informed of internal activity.

Posts and comments from pages that you follow appear in your News Feed. No need to navigate away. Just click the message, and comment. Your post goes back to the appropriate page and alerts other followers that there is a new comment.

Easily review comments in chronological order.

Email reply-alls can be hard to understand. In Align Us, commenting is top to bottom. No need to sift, search or sort through your overloaded inbox! Scroll down and read.

Save posts you love by pinning, or mark as read to dismiss from the feed.

Commenting on Projects, Meetings, Tasks, Documents.

Each item has it’s own discussion board to keep the commenting appropriate to the activity. No more searching through different places to get all of the info. Keep it all together in Align Us. Posts from ALL of your activity flows through your News Feed keeping you up-to-date.

Turn a Post into a Task.

See a great post that should be followed up with action?

  • Simply click Create Task From Post and it turns into a task
  • Set the particulars like Task Priority, assign it to a project, a meeting, and assign it to the right person
  • Set planned start date and due date & save.

Share the Post with other users.

See a post worthy of sharing with the team?

  • Click Share Post. Assign it to the appropriate users.
  • Add an optional message to the post.