Discussion Boards 

Eliminate internal emails and use Discussion Boards to keep the conversations synced with the people and the items being discussed. Discussion boards can be standalone items and are also an embedded part of tools within Align Us; Discussion boards are available in Projects, Tasks, Meetings, Events, and Documents. A standalone example is: Daily Lunch Group can be a running lunch group topics.

Conversation All in One Place!

Instead of stringing together emails, chats, documents, and notes, to figure out what is happening, just review the flow of conversation. Any team member can follow the conversation sequentially to get “up-to-speed” on a project, task, event, meeting or even in document co-creation.

Keep Conversations Relevant & Secure

A discussion board is a documented record of discussions while keeping everyone up-to-date on what is happening with the activity. No need to create a channel or memorize anyone's @screen name. All of the data stays with the item, for review anytime in the future. Discussions can be kept private to the members or editors of the item.

Use Your Creativity

Use multimedia and rich text graphics in your posts.

  • Make your post stand out with graphics and text formatting.
  • Use Google Images to import a cover page for your post.
  • Attach file, documents, and links.
  • @ tag other users directly in the post for extra attention.

Manage Without Micromanaging

Managers are able to observe activity and can use the discussion board to comment and offer input when needed. Reduce 1:1 weekly Recap meetings.

Updates Appear on Your News Feed

Your news feed is a collection of the posts from pages that you follow. Everytime someone posts, it appears on your news feed for quick & easy access and commenting.

Use OneSearch to Find the Conversation

Like all text that is added to Align Us, you can quickly locate any item using OneSearch. Just start typing key terms at the top search bar and it searches the database. As the results appear, simply click to open the conversation.

Reduce Update Meetings

Because all members are actively aware of ongoing discussions, teams are able to reduce update meetings and concentrate on productivity.

Post a Survey on a Discussion Board

Use the discussion board to get very specific feedback by posting a formal survey. Change post type to Poll, add a question with a few multiple choice answers and post.