Document Creation

Simple, Powerful, and CompleteWhether you are writing web content, planning an event, or crafting the latest handbook, you will be delighted with the feature-rich and simple design of Documents in Align Us.

Multimedia & Rich Text Editor

Align Us text editor has all of the features that you would expect in a modern Document Creator.

  • Rich text WYSIWYG Editor – What you see is what you get.
  • Makes it easy to customize your document.
  • Format your Text, insert images, add links, insert a table and more.

Document Collaboration

With real-time and live updates, teams can work on the same document at the same time. Geographic location is irrelevant in today’s connected world.

Co-create Documents with Peers. Group input, share the progress!

Have you ever co-created a document with a team of people? Document Version tracking can be challenging when there are multiple collaborators. With Align Us, work on the documents and see each other's changes as they happen.

Request updates from Document Creator/Editor

Need an update on a document? Click the Request Update button. The editors will be alerted in a message stating that you are looking for an update on the document.

  • Select the item you want approval on and type its title!
  • Each user that you request approval from will receive a task to approve the item you sent.
  • When they complete the task your item is approved!

External Document Collaboration

Do you work with customers or 3rd party consultants on documents? There is a better way than attaching a document. Send them a private link or Add them as a Contact.

Learn More About Sharing with Align Us

Security & Privacy

You are in control of the Document editors and privacy settings.

  • By default, documents are read-only to everyone in your organization.
  • If you set the document to private, only assigned editors will have access to this document.
  • Editors of this document are able to update the title and all of the content.
  • Add more users or keep it private. You are in control. 

Document Duplication

See a document you like? Create a copy. The document will be created with full content intact. Just change the title and save.

Document Templates

Need standardized documents for consistency? Use a Document Template to keep consistent.

  1. Create the Document.
  2. Then, Lock and Convert to Template.

Now when a document is being created, users can choose to use this template.

Tag/Mention Other Align Us Items in the Document

Cross-reference Tasks, Projects, Pages, other Documents. Simply type a # and start typing. OneSearch locates the correct item to be tagged/mentioned.

Task Integration

Create tasks within the Document. Use the Insert New Task Button or Create a task inline-text by typing brackets [ ] with no space between. Assign tasks to team members. You can open and edit further once created.

Built-In Discussion Board

Keep the document conversation relevant and always available. Go to the Document’s stacked cards. Click Discussion Board to view or comment. All users involved will receive a notification in their News Feed with the comment.

Document Workflow Approval

Do you need a more formal Document approval process? Align us workflow lets you send the documents to your team members for their approval. Do your part, send it, and move on to the next task. If the document is not approved & needs more attention, you will be alerted.

Meeting List

Need an in-depth discussion about the document creation? Create a meeting, invite attendees. The stacked card keeps a running list of the Meetings associated with this document.

Learn More About Meetings