Document Uploading & Sharing

Simple, powerful control of your documents. Collaborating and sharing documents has never been easier. Create the official library for your organizations’ documents in Align Us.

Upload Documents & Files from Your Computer or Cloud

  • Not just documents. Upload just about any item or file to Align Us
  • Upload pdf, doc, images, spreadsheets, presentations, movies, and many more
  • There is no limit to the amount of media that you can attach
  • The document list is sortable by author and date listed for quick review
  • Send to internal or external colleagues without using your email

Share by Attaching Documents to Messages

Upload items to any message for internal users or external contacts. No need to use email to send out documents. Add new contacts on the fly in Align Us to forward Documents directly.

Upload Documents by Using the Document Card in various Align Us Tools

  • Projects & Tasks
    Make sure all of the correct documents & project notes available and reviewable by all team members.
  • Upload to Meetings & Share with Attendees
    Make sure everyone has the material in order to be prepared or meetings with agenda & exhibits.
  • Upload to Handbook and share with the team
    Upload existing policies, procedures & guidelines. There has never been a better time to update your handbook.
  • Upload to Philosophy & Strategy Tools
    Relay the WHY & the HOW to the Team.
  • Upload to Purpose Pages
    Sharing a doc with the department for review? Just upload to a page and all followers will receive the feed with your upload to review or Tag specific people for extra attention.

Tagging & Cross-Referencing Documents Using # in Align Us

From any text area in Align Us, simply type # and enter keywords. You can also use OneSearch to find the correct document. Insert in messages, documents, agendas, project plans, and any text area fields.

Send Documents & Messages to External Contacts from within Align Us

Do you collaborate with outside colleagues like partners, consultants or customers? In Align Us, these are called Contacts. Unlimited Contacts are Free in Align Us!

Securely collaborate and review the same documents with unlimited contacts. Just attach a file and send the message. No more emailing versions back and forth...

Share & Discuss Documents with the External Colleagues

Instead of going back and forth with emails, bring the collaboration to a single place. Align Us makes it easy to share items like projects and completed assignments with ANY person via email. When the recipient clicks the link, a page comes up to show the documents. There are several security choices when sharing documents. Some shares have timed expirations to keep the documents private.

Secure Access & Sharing Controls

Make Documents private, grant permission to specific users or the entire organization. You are in total control!

  • Allow total organization access to the official forms and documents.
  • Need to have public access to download documents? Make them publicly available.
  • Want to make documents editable? You have the option.
  • Documents have expiring links to protect your information if forwarded via email.

Use OneSearch to Find any Document

OneSearch presents the Documents categorically to make it easy to find the right file.

Read More about OneSearch here

“We have too many cloud storage systems”

...In a recent survey, 72% of respondents said they used 6 or more systems to share and store documents.

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