File & Document Storage

Safe, secure, and unlimited file and document storage in one central place.Store and maintain complete control of your official organization documents in Align Us. Make sure the latest document versions are always readily available for your team members. There are no limits, no upsell, no free-trial tricks, no software downloads.

Unlimited, Secure Storage of Documents & Files

  • Browser-based. No need to download another “free” cloud storage app.
  • Upload Any File: pdfs, docs, images, movies, diagrams, flyers, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Drag & Drop to upload files from folders on your computer.
  • Use the traditional upload from cloud or computer folders.
  • There is no limit to your uploads.
Need to create new Documents? Check out the Align Us Document Creator
Drag and drop to upload files to an item.

Don’t leave your staff fishing for the meeting documents you emailed out last week.

  • Upload the Documents to Support your Initiatives.
  • Documents are easily searchable, accessible & downloadable in the Document Card.

Upload Documents to Tools in Align Us like: Projects, Tasks, Meetings, Events, Page Posts, Employee Onboarding

  • To Support Events & Meetings
    Some events require continuous preparation. There are flyers, forms, instructions, directions, notes, presentations and so many other documents. Align Us makes it easy.  Just save them to the Event Document Card for all to view and download.
  • To Support Group Projects
    Adding a Document generates a notification to all team members Inbox and News Feed. Attach Supporting Documents to the Task. Make sure you assign the group to the project. Assign Tasks to Team Members. Consider the Task Done when you see the completed notification in your News Feed.
  • Onboarding New Employees
    How many forms are there to fill out for HR when a new person is hired? Lots of procedures with forms and agreements to print, sign and bring back to HR. Now just send the employee to Align Us. Every document they need is there.
  • Sharing Articles & Resources with Your Team
    Do you ever see great articles to share with the team? Forwarding a link via email, may or may not be clicked or reviewed then it disappears. We have a better solution. Save it forever in Align Us. Create a post on the Organization’s Main Page. Save the post to PDF and upload the document. Add the link to the original source. The team can read it whenever they need to. The entire story is there forever. Make it a part of your Internal Knowledgebase. 

Designate Internal Access to Documents in Align Us

Make documents viewable to the entire organization or make them private to specific individuals or teams. You have complete control over access to your Documents.

Securely Share with External Colleagues by Creating a Contact in Align Us

Need to collaborate with external colleagues? Add the person as a Contact. A Contact is a visitor or partial member of your private community. You collaborate with a Contact regularly but is not part of the internal team. Once they are a Contact, you can make certain items, like Documents, available in your Align Us Community.

Examples of Contacts In Align Us are partners, vendors, customers, prospects, consultants, investors, board members, seasonal, and temp workers or any others you add...

  • Unlimited Contacts are Free in Align Us.

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