Google Image Integration

Exhibit your personality & creativity by adding Google Images to your items in Align Us.

There are two options for adding unique images to your items in Align Us

  • The first is to use your own images. Click and drag or upload from your computer folder.
  • The second option is to use Google Images, the most comprehensive image search on the web.

Refresher: What is an "Item"

An item is any “object” that users can interact with in Align Us. Examples are tasks, documents, projects, meetings, users, contacts. They are all items in Align Us.

Improved Search Visibility with Embedded Images

Free up your search time. Beef up your work time.

Finding any item in Align Us is simple with OneSearch. Using Images improves OneSearch by presenting the items to users visually. It is much easier to quickly identify images in a list of many items than with just text alone.

  • Start typing. OneSearch finds the most relevant items
  • The uploaded image icon will be in clear view with your item.
  • Just click and continue your work.

Where can I Add Google Images in Align Us?

Each item has 2 places to instantly upload Images.

  • Profile Image of an Item
    This is a circular image that will be shown in the search results as an icon.
  • Cover Page Image of Items
    This image shows as a top background of the item. By default, the background color is the user’s set theme color.

You can upload images to any of the Align Us Tools

  • Your Personal Page
  • Your Profile Image
  • Documents
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Meetings & Events
  • Handbook Section
  • Strategy Cover Pages
  • Philosophy Cover Pages
  • Purpose Pages & Discussion Boards
  • Discussion Board Posts

Only takes a few seconds to add images with Google Images in Align Us

  • Click the update photo icon to bring up the Google Image Search.
  • Use keywords to describe the image you seek. Click Search.
  • Locate the appropriate image, click to insert & save.
  • The image will be inserted. (If copy protected, upload is blocked)

Don’t forget you can always use the Align Us Stock photos, or use your personal collection of images.