Instant Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys are a way to ensure that all members are aware of the mission, values, and philosophy of the organization while measuring and improving individual engagement. They are frequent series of brief surveys intended to keep a close connection with the pulse of your organization. The first employee surveys, called “employee attitude surveys,” surfaced in the 1920’s in successful industrial companies.

How are surveys sent and collected in Align Us?

Surveys are embedded in tools throughout the Align Us platform. Receive immediate and accurate anonymous feedback from your team. No need to buy third-party programs.

Send to One or Many People

Send survey for any reason. Only the authorized intended team members will receive the survey. Responding Members are able to add their name to the response or leave it blank for anonymous feedback.

Send an Instant Message Survey

It is similar to sending an instant message. Just change the message type to Poll. Add your questions and multiple choices answers, add a completion date and time. Send. As soon as they respond you have Instant results in an easy-to-read report.

Post a Survey on a Purpose Page

Want to get quick feedback for a company lunch-preference count? Post a question to your location for orders. Just like you are commenting on a post. Click poll and ask for their dietary preference. Choices: Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat-Lover, Gluten-Free. Send. The post will appear to everyone at that location’s news feed. Watch the orders roll in!

Post a Survey in an Embedded Discussion Board

Trying to decide which color to make the new conference banner? Send out a quick poll on the conference discussion board with 2 examples. Presto. Instant feedback from your team.

Respond to Internal Meeting Surveys

Save time, money and prevent meeting-overload. Every Meeting in Align Us concludes with a built-in questionnaire about the meeting. Immediate anonymous feedback helps identify inefficiencies and improves meeting performance.

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Organizational Happiness Meter

Check the overall happiness of the organization on a daily basis. Every user has an always-present meter on their dashboard.

How can frequent Pulse Surveys help improve employee engagement?

Organizational awareness.

Consistent topic discussion naturally raises awareness and often results in improvements. If we remind each other to recognize our peers every week for 40 weeks, it might sink in.

Most honest feedback from your team.

Anonymous & secure surveys warrant more accurate responses from your team.

Up-to-the-minute insight for managers.

Know how your team feels, today. Takes minutes to prepare and seconds for results. No waiting weeks for excel sheets or paper tabulations. Just Check the reports.

A guide to future team engagement activities.

Use the results of your surveys to plan for the most appropriate activities.

Receive wider response sample.

Short and frequent surveys offer the ability to receive a more immediately appropriate set of responses than a one annual employee survey at the end of the year.

What are some specific uses for Pulse Surveys?

A Voice for All

Give everyone a voice in organizational decisions. All opinions count.

New Employee Onboarding

Be sure to relay the organizational mission, values, and philosophy to your new team members. Collect important personnel information paperlessly.

Focused Improvement

Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that "you can't manage what you can't measure."  Frequent responses help your focus on improving.

Simple, Fast, Built-in. No training needed.

  • No statisticians or IT people needed.
  • No spreadsheets or imports.
  • Instant results. Easy-to-read reports.
  • Secure and private.

Huge Benefits to Organizations and Individuals

Because the research has clearly shown consistent pulse surveys have huge organizational benefits, it is widely encouraged in organizations of all sizes. In addition to getting instant feedback from its members, Pulse Surveys give the organization the opportunity to communicate their mission, vision, philosophy & strategy. It is also recommended to give the reason for the survey and results of the survey(s).