Internal Collaboration

Align Us boosts internal team collaboration with a connected set of modern tools. The easy-to-use, transparent system encourages working together intuitively without disrupting the day. Align Us keeps all of the information in one place so no one misses out. Check out some of the ways using Align Us can improve your internal collaboration.

Discussion Boards & Purpose Pages

Conversations are all talk. Don't miss them. Embedded Discussions keep the conversation & people synced with items being discussed.No need to create special #channels, they are defined by the item or page.

  • Conversations are easy to start, simple to find. No coding needed.
  • Discuss In Projects, Tasks & Documents – Work flows seamlessly, progress is faster.
  • Purpose Page Discussions – Make pages for a department, group, event or any other purpose!
Live Document Co-Creation

The more eyes the better. Create, validate, get it done. Real-time document editing speeds up flow of approval, regardless of location or work schedule.

  • Create Living Documents with ease.
  • Add viewer or editors, or approval workflow.
  • Team watches live & contributes to editing.
  • Miss the live edit? Check the discussion board…
@Mentions and Tagging

Make sure they know what you are “tagging” about! Cross-reference in a document or any text field. There are many ways to Tag in Align Us.

  • Tag a User with @ sign to let someone know that you want them to notice.
  • Tag a Project or Task with a + sign in a chat or a page for a click-through link.
  • Tag a Document with a # sign to reference a document, share link with everyone.
  • You can also use the embed buttons to insert a task.
Real-Time Communications

Face-to-Face. Realistic Conversations.

  • Instant Messaging -Simple Text or Multimedia Fancy. No coding needed.
  • Video Calling – Crystal clear No-lag, 2-way conversation.
  • Ad- Hoc Calling –  Start with one caller and add more as you need.
  • In-call Sharing – Quickly share links to documents, projects or other items.
  • In-call emoji display – Silently display your participation without interrupting.
Request for Approval

Do your part and send it for approval. Do you need approval on certain aspects of work? It can be a task, document, project, or any other item. Sent, Tracked and Completed in minutes rather than days.

  • Choose one or more users to request approval from.
  • Use OneSearch to find & select the item you want approval on.
  • Attach an optional message.
  • Each approver will receive a task to review & take action on the item.
  • When they complete the task, your item is approved!
Internal Q & A with Escalation

Do you get the same questions repeatedly? We have a better way to handle it. The embedded knowledge-base gives an indexed view of questions for your team to search before asking. Great for training, onboarding and any internal questions that need answers.

  • Start your internal FAQ.
  • Never answer the same question twice!
  • Retain organizational knowledge forever.
  • Custom approval workflow gets questions to the right people.
  • Automatically builds & tags your Q&A database from daily activity.
Internal collaboration can be an approval for a font or a video conference call for a potential set of investors. The tiny details count, no matter how big or small. Align Us will give your team the tools to make sure that nothing is missed.