Internal Knowledge Base

Collect & share organizational knowledge with your team.Instant self-service information without the risk of sharing private data.

What is an Internal Knowledge-Base?

An Internal knowledge-base is a well-organized collection of your organization's internal information, insight, and experience. The Align Us self-service format increases efficiency, productivity, and safely streamlines private information across the organization without risk of sharing with the public.

A Proactive Approach to Team Knowledge-Sharing

Do you often get the same questions from different team members? Whether it's an HR issue or a product question, teams need answers quickly and many don't even know where to start to look. Every minute a team member spends looking for information is a minute that is wasted and unproductive. Now there is a place to look.

Align Us Knowledge Base uses self-service Question & Answer format. Don't email your manager. Don’t call HR. Go to the Q&A. Enter your question in the database. It will be answered by the people in your organization who know and shared with the people who need to know.

How does the Ask a Question Wizard work?

  • Start typing your question.
  • As you type, OneSearch scans the database looking for your answer.
  • If you see an answer to your question, click to review.
  • If you cannot find the answers that you are looking for, launch the New Question Wizard.
  • Add Subject and Type the question in the Body.
  • As you are adding the content, optionally attach an item, click Next.
  • Now the question is submitted to the Organization for Response.
Workflow is a structured way to answer internal questions.

The knowledgebase workflow can have as many steps of hierarchy as needed. You can direct the question to a particular user, a team, or your entire organization if you type 'everyone'. Then choose how much time can pass before escalating the question to the next person or group of people. If the first person doesn't respond it goes to the next and so on. Once the response is accepted it is available for review.

How are the responses to questions verified?

With Align Us Q&A, questions are methodically filtered to the right person according to subject, category and text tags. Specific members of the organization are assigned to the workflow and are alerted via Align Us Message. It’s simple to click, answer, submit. Now members can view, comment, upvote or even flag as inappropriate.

What are the benefits of using an Internal Knowledge Base?

Eliminate Redundant Questions

Align Us Knowledge Base searches & offers previously answered questions to prevent duplicate questions from being submitted.

Continuous Improvement

Your knowledge base will grow and improve over time. As the organization evolves, new issues & questions arise. Your team will always have access to the most accurate information in Align Us.

Retain Organizational Knowledge

Many times when organizations lose a member to turnover, they also lose the material that was created by that person. We wind up having to re-invent the wheel at every turn. Align Us holds the data in one place, easy to locate.

Encourages Knowledge-Sharing

Instead of worrying about interrupting our peers, we are building knowledge to be shared for the good of the entire organization.

Onboarding New Team Members

Have you ever been the new hire and didn't want to keep asking questions? Now there is a way to all the knowledge & experience!

Internal Knowledge Base is part of the Align Us All-In-One Platform.