Internal Meeting Manager

Plan an impromptu staff meeting in a few clicks or go into every aspect of an epic event. Improve your meeting performance with built-in post-meeting surveys & feedback.  Easy-to-use, regardless of tech-skills or work experience.

What is the real cost of attending unproductive meetings?

Cost is not just monetary value. Informed leaders are analyzing the affect of attending irrelevant, unproductive or poorly-run internal meetings. They realize that attending these meetings often leads to increased employee disengagement. It’s no longer acceptable to attend meetings because "that’s the way we have always done it".

Align Us also auto-calculates the estimated dollar-cost of the participants being present at the meeting.

If we have a weekly meeting that only benefits one person, what is the cost of everybody else attending that meeting?

Stacked Cards hold meeting information in one place.

The Meeting Manager Cards organize the necessary information & documents one place for the most efficient meetings possible. Available to all attendees.

Keeps Agenda, Attendance, Tasks, Documents, Discussion Board, Meeting Notes & Meeting Improvement Feedback. Click to reveal the contents of each card.

Setup a meeting in a fewshort & easy steps

Each Meeting is posted on your Events Calendar

  • Set your Title & Goal for the meeting
  • Add it to the calendar
  • Add attendees & invite
  • That was the quick version.
Plan a detailed event with Purpose Page & RSVP invitations

Event Page is created automatically for all to view with a feature to track RSVPs.

  • Check out the Who is Attending List
  • Add the location/address if off-campus
  • Customize with cover photo using Google Images integration
  • Add directions & other pertinent detail
  • Add pre-event Polls & Surveys
  • Respond to questions & comments

Planning Your Event With Every Detail

If you have detail, Align Us Meeting Manager has a place for it. Create a blueprint of every detail to make your event a success. Add as much information that is needed.

Meeting Details

Add any level of detail that is needed.

  • Add Meeting Title & Goal for Success
  • Add specific start date & time & end day/time if needed
  • Meeting duration is set to 30 minutes by default
  • Add Location - virtual or physical. Use the company locations from the drop down or write in any location manually.
Meeting Attendees

Invite the most important people for the meeting.

  • Add facilitators who are helping with the efforts
  • Invite Attendees as optional or required
  • Click to Invite Users who receive notifications
  • Meeting added to invitees calendar to ensure attendance
  • Make group Video Calls directly from the attendee list
  • Calculates the estimated cost of each person attending the meeting
Meeting Agenda

Lay out the blueprint of your event so attendees are prepared to participate.

  • Set the strategy, goals & philosophy in detail
  • Multimedia editor to engage and inform
  • Agenda acts as on-screen guide for the meeting
  • Turn agenda items into post-meeting Tasks
Meeting Requirements

Review and assign tasks in preparation for your event.

  • List the Pre-Meeting Preparation Tasks
  • Visually track progression on Kanban Board
  • Click, Drag & Drop to re-assign tasks
  • Shows Estimated Hours of Task by Day, Week and Month
Meeting Discussion

A place for attendees to discuss, comment, question before, during & after the event.

  • Discussions are ongoing before and after the event
  • Post pre-event pulse-surveys in discussion
  • The content is stored and always available for review
  • @mentions & tag to highlight specific users
Meeting Documents

This is where you can find all documents related to this meeting easily accessible to the attendees. Never let the docs get lost again.

  • Create Align Us Document or upload document (Word, PDF, etc)
  • Use our internal cloud storage to share and collaborate
  • Share Documents in Video Call meetings in Align Us
Meeting Notes

This is where you can post your notes from the meeting to share with all other attendees.

  • Take notes inside Align Us or simply upload your document
  • Each person’s notes are labeled with their name & saved
  • Notes remain forever intact to the Meeting for future review
Meeting Feedback

Have you ever been in meetings that are irrelevant or unproductive? The feedback survey allows attendees to give immediate qualitative feedback on your meeting. This is not intended to bash the organizer/presenter but to help the organization have the most efficient meetings possible.

  • Survey and evaluate your meeting's feedback
  • Use existing evaluation form or write-in custom feedback
  • The reporting enables quantitative reflection on weekly and monthly costs
  • Poorly executed meetings drain productivity & cause disengagement