Internal News Feed

Keep your team informed and connected. Internal News Feed is similar to Twitter™ or LinkedIn™ Feeds, except private to your internal team.

Internal News Feed with Engaging Multimedia Graphics

No boring text feeds. Align Us supports colorful and exciting posts with a rich-text editor, graphics, images, web links, video and interactive content.

Text Editor

WYSIWYG What you see is what you get. Format your text easily!


Import images from Google Image integration or your personal collection.


Insert internal items or external web links.


Import Videos or link out to Youtube.

Interactive Content

Insert Tasks, Documents and other Align us items for collaboration and review.

Default Align Us Graphics

Every time you succeed, we celebrate with graphics!

Customized to Your Preferences

Your News Feed consists of posts that are most relevant to you, customized to your preferences.

  • Posts from your Personal Page
    Your activity and posts appear on your Personal Page. Anyone that follows your page, will see your posts on their News Feed.
  • Updates from Pages You follow
    See comments and posts from people, departments, locations, teams, lunch group, or any other pages that you follow. By default, this includes all of the people that you manage.
  • Updates from Project Discussion Board 
    Stay up-to-date by following the discussion from ongoing projects. Chime in and comment when needed. Fewer status meetings, more forward progress.
  • Task and Project Completion Updates
    Shows team activity in a summary posting with custom graphics. Users have the ability to keep task completion private if desired.
Learn More About Tasks

Filter and Categorize Your News Feed Content

  • Pin Favorite Posts to Top of your News Feed
    Just like you do in Twitter, Pin that great post at the top of your feed.
  • Dismiss Posts That You Have Read
    Keep your News Feed clear & ready for new info. Click Mark Read to clear the post.
  • Recall Dismissed Posts
    You can always re-read them by clicking the Show Read Posts button.

Clickable Interactive Content in Posts

Insert Projects, Tasks, Documents and other Align us items for collaboration & review by the team. Clicked links open in a new window for review.

Celebrate Progress with Align Us Kudos

As your team succeeds, there are mini-celebrations with encouraging messages and graphics. Accomplishments are grouped together and posted in an update to your News Feed.

Share Posts with a Few Clicks

See something on your feed that others might benefit from reviewing?

  1. Click Share Post.
  2. Insert recipient(s).
  3. Add optional message.
  4. Send.

Turn a Post Into a Task

See a post that that requires immediate action? Send it off to one of your team members.

  • Click Create Task From Post
  • Assign Priority
  • Assign to a person, team, project

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