Mentions and Tagging

Just like you would tag or mention a friend’s picture on Facebook™, bring extra attention to your important information by tagging a team member or item in Align Us. Mentions, tagging, and cross-referencing will create an alert via instant message. The user clicks links to open the tagged item.

There are 2 methods of tagging in Align Us.

The first is by using symbols from within a text-area or a document. The second is by using the embedded forms in Tools like Projects, Tasks, Meetings, Documents, Events...

tagged and mentioned item buttons
Tagging other Users, use: @

Use the @ symbol tagging another user in Align Us. Bring attention to your project, task, document or any other place that there is text. The Search locates the user. Once the user is embedded in the item, the tagged user receives a notification in their message inbox. They click to open the item. In addition, another user can click on the tagged user’s name to view their profile. An example is: You might want a person to take notice of a post. @tagging helps to keep the team aware without the need to call more meetings or sending more emails & messages.

Tagging a Document, use: #

Use the # to cross-reference a document in Align Us. Simply type a # and start typing to locate the document that you would like to refer to. Once the document is embedded in your text, a user is able to click the link to open that document. An example is adding a document link to a page post so that everyone can give their opinion on a new conference flyer. (Use the workflow capability from within a document to get formal approvals).

Tagging a Project or Task, use:  +

Use the + to cross-reference a project or task in Align Us. Simply type a + and start typing, once the item is located, insert the item into the document or message. Once embedded, the link can be opened to review the details.

Tools Currently In Development will also use Tagging.

Tagging a Strategy, use: $ • Tagging a Philosophy, use: % • Tagging a Handbook Item, use: &

Strategy icon
Philosophy logo
Handbook logo
Embedded Tagging & Assigning Using Auto-Complete Function

The Tools in Align Us use embedded forms that enable tagging, assigning & cross-referencing without using symbols. Simply use the Auto-Complete Search Function in the Align Us Tools to assign the appropriate item or user. Start typing into the auto-complete choose the item. As with @ symbols, any time a user is tagged or assigned, a message will be sent to that user.

When the recipient receives the alert, they open the item by clicking the link.

Assigning or tagging users are embedded in discussion boards, purpose pages, instant messages, posts, tasks, projects, meetings, events, documents.