Organizational Chart Directory

Stay ahead of change. Visually assess & plan for your team’s success. View your teams by project, department, location or any other criteria. Gain in-depth knowledge of strengths and gaps within teams. Quickly identify needs and strategize for hiring, growth, reorganization, mergers & turnover.

Click & Drag Org Chart

  • See your team visually for strategic planning.
  • Click, drag, drop to rearrange members
  • No programming or visual software needed.
  • Privacy/permission settings per group
  • Personalize with colors, pictures or gifs
  • Unlimited Groups, Teams, Locations, Departments

Company Hierarchical Org Chart – Supervisor & departments with teams under them.  This is a traditional way of looking at org-charts. 

Bidirectionally updated org chart

Managing an org chart should not require hiring a new Designer. Align Us eliminates design problem with bi-directional staff changes. Managers re-assign subordinates in bulk or update individually through the employee profile. No matter which method you use it is automatically updated across the entire Align Us system. If you like dragging boxes, we have that option too.

  • Real-time updated version of your teams
  • Quickly update subordinates without duplication
  • Save resources & more software downloads
Project-based Org Charts

Roles change as project-needs evolve

A newer method to organizational productivity includes sharing untapped resources between departments. That U/I programmer might be the most talented writer you have on staff. With role changes, managers are forced to call more meetings to update the “reports-to.” Wouldn’t it be easier if every project had an org chart that shows who to report-to? In Align Us, every project has a ready-to-use org chart visible and obvious to all team members. Team members know who to report-to for every project. Each person can be labeled with their specific role for that particular project saving time & confusion.

In this example, 6 team members have different roles in a blog writing project. Our programmers now have roles as writing coach and author.

Improved project collaboration means faster goal completion

  • Replace internal email with group messaging
  • Reduce “project update meetings” with project discussion boards
  • Improve face-to-face collaboration with no-lag video calling
  • Identify success and needs gaps for future development
Manager Tasks

  • Reassign Subordinates
  • Deactivate Users
  • Reset Password
  • Download CSV & more