Personal To-Do List

Use Align Us My Tasks to boost efficiency at the personal level. Task management is an integral part of a transparent organizational alignment effort.

Schedule, Plan, & Complete.

Manage all of your daily activities proficiently by utilizing all Tasks features. For optimum productivity, Tasks have time-tracking and notifications that keep you on target.

  • Click My Tasks to reveal the window to see the Tasks listed in order.
  • In-Progress Tasks are at the top of the Task window.
  • To Do(ne) List shows completed tasks & future tasks.
  • Click Start Timing to records the time on task – from start to finish.
  • Pause it – then restart to keep time.

There are 4 Different Types of Tasks in Align Us.

Each behaves differently based on their type:

To Do

Visible only to you and your ReportsTo. Automatically posts an ‘I just completed…’ update when you complete the task.
Transparency reduces the need for “update meetings” to go over completed work.

Journal Entry

Same as a To-Do, but is entered as a completed task. Use this as a quick way to share daily updates with your team. Transparently keeps track of your productivity and accomplishments and keeps everyone in-the-know.


Visible only to you. No updates posted when you complete the task. Use these simply as quick ways to set a reminder or onto your My Task list.


Visible only to you. Use to quickly jot down ideas for future reference. Use this as a sticky-note

Agile Alignment

Create tasks for yourself and connect it to other elements in Align Us. Control the task by assigning to a specific Project, Document, Meeting or even another user.

Stacked Cards

As the Task comes up on the screen, add as much detail as needed to accomplish tasks.

  • Task Status
    Not Started, In Progress, Completed.
  • Task Time
    Estimate the planned time on task.
  • Parent Task
    Assign it to a Parent Task, if necessary.
  • Task Description
    Make sure that the task has the detail – for the record.
  • Task Dates
    Add start and end dates to make sure it is on your dashboard calendar.
  • Recurring Tasks
    Plan ahead of time to keep your long-term goals on point. Plan for weekly, monthly or pick & choose other days.
  • Task Documents
    Add supporting Documents that are always there when needed.
  • Task Sharing
    Make sure team members are aware of what is happening.
  • Tasks Autopost
    Completed tasks post to your news feed by default. To keep it private uncheck the Autopost button.
  • Workflow
    Is this a multi-tiered task? Use Workflow to keep the momentum going.

Which is your favorite way to view your Tasks?

Access your Tasks quickly from any page in Align Us by selecting My Tasks from the top toolbar.

In Projects, access your tasks in several sortable views:

Kanban View

In the Projects Tool, view tasks according to status in an easy to read Kanban View.

List View

Great to see all of the stacked cards for each task – staying involved has never been easier.

Report View

Accomplish in bulk. Use the list view for bulk editing options and viewing mass amounts of data.

Need external Email Reminders? Edit your preferences to control them.

Task Reminders and Summary Notifications - Extra notification of what is going on in Align Us, while out and about? Use the mobile login or just get notified.

Choose to receive external email notifications for your tasks and due dates coming up.

  • Daily Upcoming Events Choose when and how you are notified. Morning reminders of your upcoming tasks and events.
  • Nightly recap of Align Us activity Send nightly email summary at your choosing.