Project Management with Dedicated Discussion Board

The Projects Tool keeps all the details in one place.Lay out the plan, set dates, create tasks, assign users, add files, track progress, and discuss project-specific details in the embedded discussion board.

Project Planned Start Date & Projected End Date

Adding dates ensures that the Project is tracked in the Calendar function of Align Us. Once the project starts the start date is recorded.

Assign Project Members

The project lead can assign the appropriate members to the project. Each added member will receive a link to review the project and receive ongoing notifications.

Assign Project Roles

Wondering who to report to? With Align Us, make sure everyone knows who is leading the project by clearly defining the roles or title of each project member. Easily reassign, rearrange or update roles as responsibilities change without calling more meetings.

Lay Out the Plan in the Story Editor

The story editor is the foundation for the entire project. Fill out your Story Editor with as much detail as you desire. Add tasks quickly inline by adding [ ] brackets. Tag colleagues by using the @ sign. Tag other projects using the + sign and tag documents using the # sign.

Task Board - Visually Review, Control & Assign Tasks

All tasks created through the story editor appear on the task board. Add as much detail to the task as necessary. They become the measure of the overall progress of the project. Never lose track of your goals by setting start and end dates for each task. As tasks are completed, the team is able to see the activity toward completion

  • Assign tasks to users
  • Change task state of progress
  • Set priority levels

Task Management with Drag & Drop Kanban Board

Organize your tasks for a successful project. Use drag and drop to quickly review & edit tasks without ever leaving the task board. Review task by State of progress through the kanban board. Tasks can also be reviewed by User view.

Strategic Alignment

Ensure that your project aligns with your organization's mission. Team members stay focused and tasks are completed according to the vision, mission, and values set forth by the organization’s leaders.

Embedded Discussion Board Keeps the Conversation Relevant

Team members and managers keep up with the ongoing project-dialogue without searching emails, chat-channels, documents, and paper-notes. Each project has a built-in discussion board with easy privacy settings to control who can view and post. Discussions, comments, and ideas are forever connected and searchable. Project members are alerted through activity feed and can collaborate via chat windows with a quick reply, or get more involved when needed.

Upload Project Documents & Files

Make sure all of the supporting documents and files stay with the project forever. Members can upload unlimited media, add Align Us documents or use the Align Us Document Creator for new documents.