Task Assignment & Management

Align Us Task Management brings total clarity to teamwork and task assignments.Create tasks for your team, set expectations, relay your ideas.Monitor Progress with Visual Task Board.

Tasks in Align Us

A task is a very specific work item to be completed. In Align Us, the task is the mechanism that brings planning to action. Assigning tasks with clear instruction to the right people helps ensure completion without fewer meetings. Giving the task a due date will make the task appear on the assigned user's calendar and is completed on-time.

Click here to review how to manage personal tasks in Align Us.

Group Task Management

Managing a team? Quickly assign multiple tasks and move on. There are several ways to assign tasks to multiple people in Align Us.

Create Task Templates

If you assign the same type of tasks frequently, make a template to quickly create and assign.  Start with any existing task. In the top toolbar of the task are a few buttons that you can use.

Copy Existing Tasks

Make a copy of the existing task, by clicking the copy button. It copies the detail of the task and adds (copy) to the title of the task. Simply assign it, save and move on to the next.

Create Tasks from Within Projects

To create multiple tasks at a time or to create a task list, use the Story Editor in Project. From there you can list line items, and use text select to start assigning to team members.

Reassign Tasks Using the Kanban Board

Need to make changes to a project or task? Just click into the task, drag-drop to reassign tasks.

Request update on a Task Button!

Shy managers will love this one. No more wondering what to ask…– One less email or update meeting.

  • Click a button on the task to request an update.
  • Align Us pops up a direct message and asks…

Task Notification

  • Each task assigned generates a message to the assigned member.
  • It has a link to review the task.
  • The task will remain on their task list until edited by the assignee.
  • If the task has a date added to it, it will show up on the assignee’s Align Us calendar.

Task Summary Updates for Tasks

  • Manager News Feed Updates
    Receive notifications tasks from your subordinates in your Align Us News Feed.
  • External Email Summary Updates
    All users can choose to receive task completion reports in your email in the evening and a to-do list in the morning with upcoming tasks/projects/meetings.

Task Specifics in Detail

Make sure you add all of the pertinent task information for the assignee.

  • Task Title
    Properly named Task Title makes it easy to identify and complete.
  • Task Description
    The description of the task can be brief and simple or super-descriptive and media-rich. The more detail, the more chance for successful completion.
  • Add Multimedia, Font Style, Links, images to explain the task for visual people.
    Tasks don’t have to be boring text. Make it stand out by customizing the text, adding mages and linking to external resources.
  • Use @ Tagging to feature assign other task cross-reference other items in Align Us. 

Tag in Align Us using symbols that will reference that item.

  • # is to tag a Document
  • @ to tag another User
  • + to tag a Project or Task
  • & to tag a Handbook item
  • % to tag a Philosophy item
  • $ to tag a Strategy item

Task Plans in Detail Assignment

Add clear instructions & expectations to ensure everyone has the information to get the job done.

  • Align your Tasks to People & Organization
    • Assign the right person who can get the job done.
    • Attach your tasks to a Project, Meeting, or Document to keep it all together.
    • Aligning tasks to the organizational Strategy & Philosophy boosts engagement and productivity.
  • Task Dates
    To keep your Task on target, make sure you edit the task’s start and end dates. Adding dates to the task will also add it to the user’s calendar. The actual task start & completion dates will be recorded automatically.
  • Task Priority
    Task are prioritized by High, Normal, Low, or No-Priority. High Priority Tasks are highlighted with a red- badge that will draw attention to it.
  • Estimated Hours
    This is the number of hours that this task should take to complete. This number can help you estimate how long it will take to complete the entire project as well as how many tasks to assign to a user. Estimated hours can be added at any time or left blank.
  • Task Completion & Sharing
    Choose whether the task should auto post and announce your success with the rest of the team or share it with a particular person who might need to know when a task is completed.

Task Updates & Workflow

Keep the productivity alive. Relevant ongoing conversation eliminate update meetings.

Task Discussion Board

No more searching emails to find the conversation. Keep updated on the task's progress in the embedded discussion board. This is where a manager can answer questions and offer leadership advice. Each member will be alerted in their News Feed with comments from any followed activity including Task Discussion.

Task Workflows

A collection box for all your approval requests. Task workflow can be assigned by the manager to subordinates, as well as other team members.

Task Workflow Approval

Does one task need to be approved before another team-member takes action? Use the Workflow to keep the progress flowing smoothly without more meetings. No more wondering where the task is delayed.

Task Reports & Data Views

Managers can get a high-level overview or dig into each individual task as needed.

  • Assess Tasks by Team
    Need to know which teams need more help? Check the reports and reassign some tasks to keep productivity flowing.
  • Review Tasks by Project
    No need for more meetings, just check the Tasks by Project and keep up to date on their progress.
  • See Task by Individual
    Manager and Subordinate meetings should not be about what you did. It should be about what you need and what is next.

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