Team & Purpose Pages

Align Us Pages are a place for people to come together for a common purpose. Ideal place to announce, discuss, plan and share ideas. Create a page for a group, a team or for any initiatives.

Instantly Create Pages for Internal Discussion on Specific Topics.

  • Go to Quick Add Button & Click Add Page
  • Add the title & description that will display to visitors
  • You can use the styler to edit the font -even add an Emoji
  • Optionally, list contact details & a profile image
  • Make it private with membership options
  • Optionally add co-editors or viewer-only access
  • Now you are ready to blog!
Use Multimedia when posting to Pages.

  • Create posts by using a simple text editor (WYSIWYG), insert images, and links.
  • Post Surveys for quick anonymous response from specific groups
  • Visitors can comment, follow, or offer a high-five from your Page
  • Unlimited cover photo designs using embedded Google Image search
Your Own Personal Page

Each user gets a page where their personal activity is posted.

  • Users customize their page with page specifics, contact info & self-photo
  • Add widgets like poll response summary, or an upcoming event
  • Pin your favorite post for all to see on your side panel
  • Posts form your page will appear in the Dashboard News Feed
The Organization Page

Official Page for the Organization’s Leaders

  • All members automatically follow the organization page
  • Leaders send system-wide alerts and messages to all
  • Send out team-pulse surveys and opinion polls
  • Display internal news & company announcements
Department Pages keep everyday talk relevant to your core group.

  • Eliminate outside chatter from other departments
  • Use department lingo without confusing others.
  • Use it as a daily standup or end of day review
  • Keeps departments in different locations engaged & in-the-know
Purpose Pages can be created for any initiative or group. Can be opt-in or auto-added.

  • Employee Onboarding pages can help ramp-up new hires
  • Employee Profile Pages can help those who work remotely
  • Lunch & Learn is an opt-in idea for the hungry learners
  • Manage Event attendees for field trips & weekend outings
Management Controls & Options

  • User access controls
  • Page membership rights
  • Pages can be private or public
  • Auto-add followers or user opt-in
  • Make group Video Call from page
  • System-wide messaging & responses are easy
    • Company Announcements
    • Surveys & Polls