Unified Inbox

Simplify Internal Messaging. One Place for All Conversations.Whether it is a task notification, direct message, a page post, or discussion board comment, it all shows up in your Unified Inbox. No more sifting through emails to try to follow the flow of conversation.

It’s official. Internal email is broken.

What started off as a revolution in written communication has regressed into a productivity drain that overwhelms inboxes and distracts workers.

According to Radicati Group, the average worker handles “122 emails per day.”
YOUR internal company correspondence is getting LOST in the fray.

No more lost emails buried in spam box or erased by accident. It’s time to switch to a more organized internal communication platform.


The average worker handles “122 emails per day.”

Filter & Sort Messages

Use the OneSearch function to find the right message. When in the Inbox, start typing keywords in the top search bar. OneSearch starts to narrow down the choices. It searches titles and body of messages.

Sort: By Message Title, Message Type, Sort by date: ascending or descending.

Ease of Access

In Align Us, there are several ways to access your messages in the Unified Inbox. No matter which way you access your messages, they are easily retrievable at any time.

chat panel

Access Messages from the Chat Panel

Pin the panel to display messages. Click a message to bring up and review. Use the Quick Action emoji-reply to display your feelings. Dismiss a message by clicking Mark Done. Dismissed messages are always retrievable by clicking GoTo Inbox.

social widget in dashboard

Access Messages from the Dashboard

The inbox is located in the center of the dashboard. Click a message to open the chat window. To go directly to the Full-Screen view of messages, click the top of the Box to open the Unified Inbox.

social option

Access Messages from the Social Tool

Go to Social Tool in the left navigation bar. Click Inbox. You will see a fullscreen view of the messages by selecting the message. Scroll down to find or filter your search by typing in the OneSearch bar.

Email Alerts from Within Align Us

Ok, email isn’t totally dead. Our users asked and we delivered. Some users might not be able to access a website to check messages. Align Us users can send alerts to user’s email address. Just click the Email Alert box when sending a personal message. The direct message will be forwarded to the user’s official email. The recipient can even reply back from email to the user without opening Align Us. The message will reply back to Align Us & copy the original sender's email too.

Message Bulk Actions

Users are able to edit multiple messages in bulk action.

To perform Bulk Action, click select all from the Unified Inbox.

  • Clear out your notifications, by selecting Mark Done
  • Need to download the messages? Click Download as a .csv file

Private & Secure

Your data is private and secure. All data is sent over a secure, SSL/HTTPS connection. This is the highest encryption technology, the same as used by banks. All of your data is encrypted, off-site backups in case of disasters.

private and secure