Video Call Waiting with Live Preview

The Align Us team is a work-from-home organization with team members from Chicago south to Orlando Florida. We use our own platform exclusively to communicate internally. Members were missing video calls, while on current video calls. This prompted a few new features. One was to create Video Call Waiting...

How does Align Us Video Call Waiting work?

Always receive a live video preview of who is calling you, even when on a current video call.

  • If you are already on a video call, you see a live preview of the incoming caller(s). Make sure you are “truly ready” to accept the call.
  • Receive a browser notification alert for incoming video calls.
  • Accept incoming call to end the current call and switch over to the new caller.
  • Decline incoming call and stay on current call.

Want to collaborate with multiple people? You can do that too. There are two ways to call multiple people.

  • Call multiple people at the beginning of the call.
  • Ad hoc calling lets you add Users to existing video call.