Built-In Video Calling

Speed-up collaboration and boost production with crystal-clear, no-lag video calling. Maintain quality face-to-face engagement regardless of location. Call with confidence that your voice and face movements are in unison.

Why is Peer-to-Peer Video Calling More Consistent?

Popular video calling systems like Skype & Google Hangouts use a server to relay your video back and forth between users. This in-between server typically causes a lag or delay in the conversation. With Align Us P2P Video Calling, your computer communicates directly with the recipient’s computer with no server in-between. This eliminates the delay ensuring meaningful and flowing conversation just like a same-room, face-to-face conversation.

Call from your desktop at any time

  • To make a call, click the video call icon in the top right toolbar
  • Click Start Video to enable the camera on your computer
  • Add the user’s name you are calling and click “Done”
  • The camera is center-view-zoomed in a circle on you, reducing surrounding area visible
  • The recipient is alerted that you are calling and can accept or decline
  • Ad-hoc calling – Anyone can add a new caller to the conversation
Incoming Video Call Previewwith Call Waiting

  • Always receive a live preview of incoming call to accept or decline
  • If user is already on a call, the call waiting feature shows a live preview of the incoming caller(s)
  • There are two choices for call waiting:
    • Put a current call on hold and switch over to an incoming call
    • End current call and accept an incoming call
In-call collaboration

  • Share in Call lets you share items directly to other callers
  • Share documents, meetings, projects, tasks and other Align Us items
  • Just click the button and the recipients can view it on their screen
  • Send supporting in-call texts & multimedia messages during video calls
  • Express yourself to other callers with in-call emoji display
Ease of use & every-day accessibility

  • Always available browser-based video calling
  • No plugins, add-ons or software to install
  • Browser notifications alerts incoming calls
  • All content - indexed & searchable with OneSearch
  • Join Last Call button lets you call back and forth for quick calls
Why did we create a better video calling system?

We created the Align Us Video Calling out of necessity. Align Us experienced the common frustration with server-based conferencing software first hand. We tried many systems like Skype, Google Hangouts, and a few others. No matter the system, we experienced inconsistency. At one point we used two different systems one system to project on a computer and one a for audio. Our remote members suffered by the missed & inconsistent communication…

We decided to create built -in peer-to-peer video callingu using Web RTC Technology. Ideal for small groups who want natural flow of conversation as a same-table meeting. Try it out today. It's included in the Align Us Subscription.

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