Virtual High Fives

Peer-to-peer recognition is a great way to encourage & appreciate team members. Send praise in a few quick steps with Align Us High Fives!

Virtual Peer Recognition

There are three ways to send praise in Align Us using the Send High Five menu. They are “High Five,” “Check Mark” and “Thank You.” Simply Go to the Send Menu in the top toolbar. Click Send High Five, add the Recipients and (optionally) add a short custom message. Then choose the type of praise. This will generate an accompanying post with a cover photo along with the type of high five and your custom message.

Virtual High Five

This will generate a big high five hand simulation with your custom message under the hand.

Check Mark

This will generate a big check mark with your custom message below the check mark.

Thumbs Up

This will generate a big thumbs up with your custom message below. The user receives the message, clicks the link and a huge thank you appears on the screen!

Is unplanned praise more authentic than scheduled praise? Is it more rewarding?

Often times, recognition comes from a leader acknowledging a subordinate, and often a planned event, like an “annual review.” While this is a critical part of being a manager, extemporaneous recognition from a peer can be just as motivating and rewarding, perhaps, more. Peer recognition drives a culture of collaboration, support and is often viewed as more authentic in nature.

Picture yourself in an hour-long review, when your boss tells that you “exceed expectations” in every category, 4 out of 5. Now envision the same person reviewing your month-long project and saying “Wow that is groundbreaking, you have outdone yourself!” There is no doubt that a combination of both planned reviews and frequent, unplanned praise to be a great combination for motivating and rewarding your team all year.

Is digital recognition an effective way to motivate?

Digital recognition is said to improve employee performance & engagement. Shawn Achor, one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success.

“Effective digital recognition programs can help scale organic praise, have a high ROI, and lead to significantly higher levels of employee performance and engagement, as well as increased customer loyalty.”