The Align Us February Enhancements Release

The Winter Olympics may be over but we continue to strive for gold!

The Align Us development team took a huge step forward in making your day more efficient and organized by adding the ability to set recurring tasks and meetings. Users now have the ability to share Align Us items publicly. As always we have way too many updates to list so let's take a closer look at some of the more visible updates.

General Updates

We continue making the system bug-free, more accessible, and logical. We have updated the user tours and added more batch action updates for managers. In addition, users can now open a document in a new tab from OneSearch. We also added more item-deletion warnings to caution users that other items may be effected by the action.

Page-Posting Upgrades

We made posting to pages more intuitive and fun. Our design team has added motivational images to the completed task notifications. When you post to a page, you now get a pop-up confirmation. You can now send a “thank you” high five. In addition, all high fives sent now come with default cover photos. Switching a post type to a poll is more intuitive. We also have added a new legend that explains poll results.

Task Handling Improvements

Now you can have parent-tasks which enables “tasks inside of tasks.” Task prioritized for a better view; tasks from others default to the top of your list, and completed tasks go to the bottom. Task completion posts are now grouped together for more efficiency and fewer repeated completed posts.

Recurring Meetings & Tasks

Make sure you are on schedule. Now you can create recurring meetings and tasks for yourself and others. Become a task master. Choose from monthly, weekly, and choose which day(s) of the week.

Public Sharing of Items with a Link

Need to share Align Us items with non-Align Us users? We have just added the ability to send a link to any person. You have full controls over access to your items. Use it to send documents, projects, and tasks and manage the access to these items as view only or make them editable.