Giving Feedback To Your Boss

So your boss sucks, what can you do about it? Do you try not to let it bother you and do the best you can in your position? Do you complain to your coworkers about it and feel better because you’re not the only one who thinks your boss sucks? Or do you confront your boss and tell them how much they suck?

We’re guessing you’re probably not going to use the third option because you need your job and would not like to be fired. But what if there was some way that you could tell your boss they sucks without flat our telling your boss, “you suck!” Giving your boss feedback is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do. Not only will it be beneficial for your work life, but it will be beneficial for other employees your boss manages and your boss’s personal growth.

Consider the Cost-Benefit

Take time to consider whether your feedback truly needs to be delivered and how it will impact your boss as well as the relationship you have with your boss. Will it help you or hurt you in the long run? Be sure that the feedback you choose to share is necessary for your boss to hear and delivered in the proper manner.

Write it Down

Although you may know what you want to say to your boss, it is beneficial to make revisions. Take time to think about how your boss will react to what you say and what points are the most important for you to talk about. Be specific, give examples and suggestions for improvement. Think about what factors may cause this situation you are unhappy with and if they are within your boss’s control.

Be Professional

Keep in mind that your boss is human too, the things you say will affect them. Think about how you will phrase the feedback you have for your boss. Most importantly, schedule time to talk to your boss. Tell them about the general topic of the conversation you would like to have. This will give your boss time to think about what you might say and potentially address the issues before you even bring them up. Remember to be professional in your conversation as this will show your boss how you handle situations and how you can work together better.

When Your Boss Asks for Feedback

Just because your boss asked your opinion doesn’t mean they want to hear every detail of your thoughts. It is a good idea to ask your boss specifically what topic they would like feedback on if they don’t tell you initially. You should also schedule time to talk give them feedback instead of just telling them everything you can think of on the spot. This way you can take time to write down your thoughts and prepare what to say.

Be sure to follow those tips and prepare ahead of time for meeting with your boss. Make sure this meeting rocks and both you and your boss can give positive ratings on This Meeting Sucks! The more people from your organization that rate meetings, the more accurate your organization’s ratings will be! Tell your colleagues about This Meeting Sucks! and have more meetings that rock!


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