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This Meeting Sucks!

How Did Your Meeting Go?

Sometimes meetings suck. Vent it out!

Align Us is thrilled to present you This Meeting SucksRelease that stress by expressing how you truly feel about your meeting. Are you about to gouge your eyes out because your meeting is so boring? With this app, you can tap and express your frustration to the world! Don’t worry; we won’t throw you under the bus. This app is completely anonymous, and your email is safe with us. The only other information you need to provide is your place of work.

It’s Very Easy!

  1. Sign up using your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account!
  2. Enter your organization name.
  3. Rate by toggling the pre-defined reasons or by adding your very own!

Meetings are meant to help people stay on track. They help roll out plans and clarify expectations. They exist to help everyone stay up-to-date. But all too often, meetings are inefficient, unproductive, not engaging, and disorganized. Typically, nothing is done about a meeting that sucks, but by arming users with a tool to anonymously review their meetings, we can help understand why meetings fail or why they are successful.

Our team will gather all the data and chart it to showcase the places that are hosting meetings in the running to become America’s Next Worst Meeting. Every month, we aim to publish our findings to shed light and raise awareness on the quality of meetings. With this information, we can help promote better meetings by sharing and providing monthly insights. See, you’re doing something good!

If you want to take your meetings to another level, sign up for the Align Us app. Align Us has put all of the tools needed by a modern team in one simple app. One of the tools that they offer is the Meeting Manager. The meeting manager keeps all the necessary information and documents in one place so you can have the most efficient meeting possible. Plan your meeting in a few short and easy steps! Set your goal, add start and end times, invite individuals or groups of people, and add it to the calendar.

  • Take Control: Manage all the necessary information and documents of your meeting.
  • The Right People: Set up a one-on-one meeting, or invite a group or even a team of colleagues.
  • Improve Meetings: Agenda, note keeping, surveying, and evaluating are all part of Align Us meeting management.
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