Importance of Employee Engagement

In the process of launching a new suite of interconnected products that will help create a more engaged workforce, Align Us conducted a survey to better understand challenges and processes employees face in an organization. Our findings further validate the need for an engaging project management solution that is built on top of a social platform.

Mission, vision, and values are crucial to communicating the who, what, and why of an organization in terms of employee engagement. With this in mind, the process of updating and defining these elements become critical. We clearly see that the majority of those surveyed coincide with this belief. 72% of those surveyed believe in the importance of defining and updating organizational goals. 86% of those surveyed believe that an employee would be more engaged if they regularly see the organization’s mission, vision, and values. 82% of those surveyed think that task planning and project KPI reporting is important.

Communication is essential to an organization. Handbooks help define boundaries, expectations, rules, and benefits. In turn, it is equally important that policies and procedures are accessible and are easy to update. Though most organizations surveyed have an official handbook, less than a quarter of that include team or department procedures. In addition, 57% of those surveyed believe that less than half of their organization can quickly find information on team or department procedures. This discrepancy shows that a solution is needed. The survey also reveals only 17% have a specialized system to manage their handbook.

We found that in terms employee engagement, the vast majority of those surveyed believe in the importance of accessibility. All respondents believe it is important employees have quick access to the employee directory. 86% feel like having quick access to the HR handbook is very important and 71% believe in the importance of having quick access to their team’s handbook. Though the vast majority of the respondents believe in the importance of accessibility, more than half of those surveyed does not have a computerized personnel file system.

Most of the respondents uses more than one task or project management system. Many admitted frustration, as they are unclear of what system they are supposed to use. Many believe there is no standard way to organize projects and are unsure of where to look for them. By using a single system, we can help organizations stay consistent throughout various teams and departments.


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