The Align Us Winter Enhancements Release

One of the main goals of Align Us is to improve employee engagement through strategic organizational alignment. The latest enhancements release has made major strides toward that goal. Our developers have put in an olympic-effort. In fact, they resemble olympic athletes, except they are sitting at desks. Daily commitment. New day, new challenge, new task. They invent, create, fail, reinvent, and succeed. Small successes lead to a greater goal.

In this release, we discuss major upgrades & our continued user-interface and formatting updates. Check out new and improved mobile viewing, the ability to create item templates, and customize your pages with drag and drop widget-editing. We continue to build Employee Handbook Tool and have added brand a new Philosophy Tool.

Ever-Improving Formatting & Performance

Our Design team is ALWAYS improving the look of Align Us. The high-five has new styling dialogue and creative header, and now an editor of a page can remove post-rights and can rearrange sidebar widgets with drag and drop. We have updated the Meeting Reports and added a camera and mic options for Align Us Video Calls.

Mobile Support

Align Us on the Go! Try the Align Us mobile dashboard view with optimized user buttons and responsive list viewing capabilities. Easily check news feed, messages, notifications & more. Same log-in credentials as on a PC. No need to download another app!

Templates and Copies

Let’s not reinvent the wheel. If you often use the same type of task, project, or document, you can now save as a template or make a copy with a click. We are making task masters very happy with this enhancement and saving tons of time. Works with any item!

Messages Improvements

More options for team members on-the-go that prefer using email. We got you covered! Users who receive messages from within Align Us copied to their external email box can now reply via email directly back to Align Us. Other Improvements include messaging multiple teams, departments at once, or the whole organization (or one by one).

Page & Post Improvements

Now if you see a great idea in a post that should be a task, just click a button and you have a task. Conversations and Pages now show more descriptive heading title like “Chat with Ron” or “Page for Jane” in the headings to help identify & locate the right chat.

Metadata in OneSearch

We have made it much easier to identify items when using OneSearch in Align Us. People save items with similar names. The Solution? Add color coded-font identifying item owner, dates and other information that help you identify the right items.

Quickview Header has lots of new features!

We have added useful one-click actions from the top. Saving precious time in your day with common tasks!

  • Request update on an item, by posting on the person’s discussion board.
    ie: “How’s it going on the TPS report?”
  • Create a Copy or Save as a Template on commonly used items.
  • Choose from our default profile images to help identify & describe items. Creativity is cool!
  • New monthly default cover photos to choose from!

Philosophy Tool – Align Frontline Activity with Organizational Values

We have added the Philosophy Tool that will soon be ready to help your team members contribute daily with the clear view of the organization’s standards and values. Make sure your team members know the WHY.

Philosophy tool animated gif

New Organization Handbook & Philosophy Data

During the sign-up process, we want to make it fast and simple for new organizations to get going! The administrator checks a few boxes during sign-up and the system pre-configures the system with detail in the Handbook and Philiosphy Tools. You can use our format, edit it or create your own.