Summer 2018 Enhancement Release

Easier Navigation, Design Upgrades, and Strategy Tools

Our design & development teams are churning out beautiful user experience updates and enhancements. Strategic Alignment Tool is being integrated into the Productivity Tools. Leaders can now Align Projects and Tasks to Strategy giving team members a clear understanding of how each task is connected to the greater plan. Check out the overview for Summer 2018.

Landing Page Improvements

New & Improved Task Icons for system consistency.

  • Updated & Consistent Task Icons
  • New Handbook and Strategy Avatars
  • New Descriptive Headers on Landing Pages

Improvements in the Social Tools

  • Social Landing Pages
    More Relevant grouping & Intuitive Navigation

    • Social Headings
      News Feeds, Inbox, and Page Directory.
    • Meetings
      Create & manage Meetings. Report on past Meetings.
    • Q&A Knowledgebase
      Search, respond and manage the Internal Knowledgebase for your organization. Request appear in your Message Inbox.
  • Assign Project & Task Assignments to Contacts.
    Thirdparty Contacts are free in Align Us. You can now assign them to Projects, Tasks and share documents. Contacts are alerted via instant message and copies to their external email to ensure delivery. Align Us Kudos – High five notification now has 3 New Icons with Custom Messages
  • Send messages to Groups
    We are making it easier to send mass messages internally. Send an email to an entire location, the team,  instead of individually

Public Sharing Across All Tools

Users now have Granular Control over every item shared in Align Us.

  • Choose who can access, read, write, edit or download your items.
  • Send via instant message from within Align Us
  • Copy and paste the URL and forward

Project Ownership Card

We have added a more obvious Item Ownership Card.

  • Ownership can be individuals, teams, locations, departments.
  • Syncs the team members to this projects – instead of adding individuals, add the entire team.
  • Insight into what projects are being worked on by the team.
  • Leaders will love the bird’s eye view of a team & individual progress and workload.

Quick-Edit Item Title

The title edit function was moved from the stacked card to the header saving at least four clicks. Just hover over the Title and click on the edit icon.

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