The Align Us June Enhancements Release

Welcome to the June 2018 Enhancements Review for Align Us.

Align Us development is taking the summer to work on Strategy and Philosophy. We know that highly engaged stakeholders tend to yield predictable & positive outcomes, which tends to lead to organizational effectiveness.

In Align Us, Strategy and Philosophy Tools intend to help guide the daily activity, the projects and the tasks with the organization’s vision, objectives, purpose, and mission.

“Engaged workers are more creative, more productive, and more willing to go the extra mile.”

Arnold B. Bakker

Strategy and Philosophy

Our development team took the first step forward in June with the initial development and framework for the Strategy and Philosophy Tools — now in Alpha.

  • The Design Team has created new Graphics, Icons, and Images for the Strategy and Philosophy Tools.
  • The symbol for Strategy is “$” – which will be active soon!
  • Watch daily as we release new features in Strategy and Philosophy.
initiative item view in strategy

Tips and Tricks

Here is a review of the Cross-Referencing Symbols used in Align Us. In any Live text area, simply type the symbol and start typing a keyword. OneSearch finds your items to link or insert!

  • To tag/mention Strategy, use: $
  • To tag/mention Philosophy, use: %
  • To tag/mention Users, use: @
  • To tag/mention Project or Task, use: +
  • To tag/mention Document, use #
  • To tag/mention Handbook Item, use &
Read More About Tagging and Mentions
tagged and mentioned item buttons

Searching for Your Items in Align Us

Smarter OneSearch

Locating items in your searches now show narowed results presented with most recent items that you have accessed first. This eliminated the presenting of commonly used words or phrases that were bringing up innumerous files.

Read More About OneSearch
search results in onesearch

More Informative Previews

We have added search specifics to make it easier to identify your items when searching All Items.

  • Documents Reports Preview
    Making easier to identify items when searching in Reports view, preview shows Editor’s Image, Viewer’s Image, Created On Date, Created By Name.
  • Projects Reports Preview
    See a preview of the Status: # Tasks Completed, % of Tasks Completed, Created On Date, Created By Name, and Member Count,
  • Discussion Boards & Purpose Pages Preview
    You will see a preview of Title of the Page, The Last Comments Made on the Page, The Date of the Last Post Made, The Date Creation, and Editors.
card view of initiatives in strategy with showing more information

Standardized Breadcrumb Menus

The Structure Tool now supports the top tool menu breadcrumbs to navigate, just as you can in the other tools. Click to see the page hierarchy and jump directly to them.

team item

Improved Document Copy & Template Creation

We have simplified the steps to quickly creating ready-to-use templates for your team! Just one-click and the document is copied and opens up for editing. When users create a document they can choose to start with the template. The sky is the limit here if you like standardization…

document item

Improved Landing Pages

To keep consistent system-wide, we have updated all the landing pages with more relevant grouping and sections for quick scrolling and selecting where you want to go.

landing page with sections

Handbook Updates

  • Official Document Publishing Button
    We have added the Publish Button for Editors to the Quickview Card to make sure that documents version are clearly labeled and published smoothly during the co-creation process.
  • Tracking the Published Version History
    Clearly review the Published Date and Published By Author Preview as well as a history and the number of versions.
handbook entry with a publish button for editors

Organization View in Structure Tool

While only Administrators can change Organization Information, all Authorized User now have an easy path to view the Organization Card.

  • A Visual Member Org- Chart
  • Official Organization Documents, Files & Forms
  • The Main Social Page for the Organization
organization org chart view