Like many people in this world, I always try to find life lessons in just about everything that I do. From learning what the best day of the week to book flights is, to finding out from the custodian that I need to steer clear of the lunch room’s Mac ’n Cheese, I have always wanted to learn more in order to help me achieve whatever goal I was trying to conquer. As a lifelong educator, I found myself desiring a change in my own landscape. That is when I decided to take off the suit coat of being a school Superintendent, and put on the work boots of a carpenter.

Becoming a carpenter was not the goal of my adventure into a new career. If you ask my wife, I am not considered a handyman by any stretch. However, as I served as a laborer and eventually as a carpenter (not a master carpenter, though), I learned dozens of lessons. Most of these lessons were taught to me by the lead carpenter, while others were just observed as I carried on my day-to-day tasks.

Each of the lessons that I learned had something in common. They helped me to become a more productive person in life, and eventually, in my upcoming career. They showed me how I could become more organized, less stressed, gave me opportunities to learn how not to waste time and materials, and provided me with the ability to accomplish my goals quicker, smarter, and easier.

Below is a list of topics that are going to be introduced over the next several weeks. Would you join me as we strive together to align our goals with our accomplishments?

  • Make Sure That You Are Going the Right Direction
  • It’s All About Angles
  • Leverage Is Everything
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once
  • Use the Right Tool
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Dry Fit the Big Stuff and Take Your Time
  • It Can’t Fall off of the Floor
  • Create a Template and Replicate When You Can