The Align Us March Enhancements Release

Align Us is blossoming into spring with hundreds of new updates and enhancements. Some highlights are Unlimited Contacts, Enhanced Email Alert Controls, and Global Standardized Templates and more. Here is an abbreviated list of the enhancements and updates for March 2018.

Filtered and Tagged Searches

Searching in Align Us is filtered and tagged with the item type show first. This makes it easier to identify tasks-versus-projects-versus-documents.

search labels

Project Percentage of Completion Posts

Keep the team informed about ongoing initiatives in their News Feed by reporting the progress-to-done. Additionally, we have added a feature to make recurring meetings.

option to set a recurring meeting

New Comments on Old Posts

When you comment on a post that was marked as read, it comes back to inform you of the new comment.

Organization Leaders Edit Photos

Authorized leaders of the organization can now update anyone’s cover photo. The individual user can override/replace it, but helps with onboarding and welcoming new users!

Forced Password Reset

When a password is reset to a randomized value or first-time login, users are forced to update password immediately to prevent forgetting.

Internal Messaging from Align Us to Users

Fewer emails to our users. Users can now receive company announcements from Align Us in your News Feed.

Option to convert a Project to a template.

Global Templates to Standardize

Align Us is adding content to help users learn about business practices when needed. A new startup company might have managers that have never had a 1:1 meeting with subordinates. Libraries with third-party “templates” are globally available to aid users with tasks, activities, and situations that may be new to them.

Email Preferences & Alerts

External alerts have had a major update. Users can now choose times & situations to choose how & when they receive emails from within Align Us. A user that checks the “Copy To” in a message will override preferences and go to the user(s) external email. The external email is an interactive, branded template and the individual user’s image and buttons to join the conversation, or simply respond to the email to keep the conversation alive.

Customize your email notification preferences.

Attach Meetings to Projects

Another way to keep everything together. Users can now have the ability to list meetings as part of Projects. A great way to review activity and progress toward particular initiatives.

Option to attach an item to a Meeting.

Add Contacts in Align Us

Another way to reduce email inbox overload? We had quite a few requests for this one. Users now have the ability to Add Unlimited Contacts. These can be part-time or partial memberships to your Align Us Platform. Easily add, remove, restrict, and deactivate users. Add your PT workers, Consultants, Clients, Partners, and any other people you need to collaborate with! You are not charged for these contacts.

Structure landing page showcasing options to add Contacts and other options.