The Align Us April Enhancements Release

The Align Us May 2018 enhancements release was focused on designing a simply beautiful, all-in-one platform for collaboration and productivity. We have added task and time savers, updates for a more useful dashboard and all new system tours. Expect enhanced email notifications and simple ways to external collaboration. Let’s take a look at this summary of enhancements for May 2018.

Take Action from the Dashboard with Direct Access to Frequently Used Tools

Use the newly created Quick Add Cards to conveniently add new items directly from the Dashboard.

  • Use the Send Menu 
    Send a new message, a high-five, post to a page, post a Q&A question or request approval from another user on an item.
  • Add Items directly from Dashboard
    Add a Task, Document, Project, Meeting or Page using the Quick Add Cards directly from the Dashboard.
  • Add new people quickly
    Users can now add a people (depending on your rights) directly from the Dashboard. Add contacts or full users.
home dashboard showing widgets

Save Time and Clicks When Continuing Work

Use the Dashboard Recent Items Card to quickly review and open your most recently accessed items. One click to open and continue where you left off.

dashboard widget for recent items

Email Notification Enhancements keeping all of your colleagues involved

  • You can now add attachments to messages for external emails from within Align Us. You can even send attachments to clients, partners, prospects
  • Recipients are shown a preview of items from the email
  • Click to view and it opens a new window with the item
  • Users are NOT required to log in to view email attachments
  • Users with no tasks or upcoming events will not receive daily notification emails
  • Users have extensive email notifications settings to adjust preferences
dialog to send a message to a contact

Collaborate & Organize Internally & Externally

Contact Management Development

Quickly Add a Contact on-the-fly while creating the task, project or meeting. Remember, a Contact is an external user with partial access to Align Us, like a partner, consultant or customer.

Project Auto-Assignment

Need to assign a task to a user? If the task is assigned to a project, the person is automatically assigned to that particular project. Saves time and keeps everyone informed and on schedule.

Systemwide updated user interface – simple navigation & consistency

  • Standardized Icons
    All Tool Icons are consistent and descriptive to the function of the item.
  • Enhanced Card Data Preview
    Expect equally informative data view for all cards. Save time and clicks with in-depth, at-a-glance data preview.
  • Standardized Reporting
    Consistency and variety at the same time. Many ways to view your items, standard whether its a user in Org-Chart and Structure or in Meetings, Tasks, and Projects.
  • Standard Category Nesting
    Now have drag and drop org-chart and nesting capabilities for all Tools where applicable, like departments, locations, people.

Redesigned Landing Pages

  • Getting Started Landing Page
    helping new users get up and running more efficiently.  Choices to get going including watching getting started videos, adding new users and teams, or creating tasks and meetings for immediate productivity.
  • Structure Landing Page
    Enhanced functionality and aesthetic redesign. Check it out. New Card Categories and Direct access with fewer clicks
  • Updated Landing Page Tours
    All of the dashboard introduction tours and are updated making it easier to navigate and get to know Align Us all-in-one platform.
Structure landing page
New Structure Landing Page

Simple, Easy, Instant New User Sign-In

Just sign up, log in and start collaborating. The initial sign-up process has eliminated “click-the-email-link method” that most systems use. Sign in, assign a password, add users & take action…

What’s Next?

In June we look forward the anticipated alpha release of Strategy and continued expansion on Handbook. We are forever developing.


Thanks for all of the feedback and requests for development, keep them coming.