What's New

Our development team has launched tons of new features and improvements. Some of the major highlights are improved notifications and better messaging search. We have added onboarding projects to help new users get started easier. We also added a better preview of items in Align us, like in tasks and meetings.

  • System Notifications now appear as a Message from Al Linus. No more notifications panel!
  • Right Panel Makeover – Edit Profile and switch between multiple Align Us Accounts.
  • Chat Panel Inbox Search Filter – Look up & retrieve messages from the Chat Panel.
  • Default Projects appear for a newly created organization in Align Us.
  • Title Cards for all Items – Better visibility to Items like Meetings, Projects, Tasks, Documents
  • General Improvements – Aesthetically & functionally gratifying tweaks & additions & icon updates!

System Notifications to Now Appear as a Message from Al Linus.

Instead of Notifications panel/icon, now all of your notifications will come up in your Message Chat Panel as a Message from Al Linus. You will receive notifications about page posts, @mentions, high-fives, and more! Say goodbye to the Notifications panel. Simplicity & efficiency!

We have rearranged the Help & Settings Panel.

We added a Change Setting link that will allow you to change all of your personal information, log-in information & password. We also added the ability to Link Accounts! Link multiple Align Us Accounts to switch back and forth from one to the other, even with the same email!

Search your inbox through the chat panel to locate your conversations fast.

You can even search for messages you dismissed! Use Keywords or names to narrow down the search.

When a new organization is created in Align Us, a set of questions will pre-set default Projects and Tasks to get them set up quickly and efficiently.

Helping you get started to succeed!

There is now a Title Card at the top of each Item that summarizes the content of that Item.

It previews the Title,  the Author, Visibility Status,  Names of Editors. Gives better visibility to Items like Meetings, Projects, Tasks, Documents.