They are at it again! The Team that brought you AppliTrack & K12JopSpot is launching a new productivity platform called Align Us. If you are in Public Education, there is a good chance that you or your staff has used the hiring and recruiting systems that were developed by Aspex Solutions.

After supporting school districts for 15 years, in 2015 the entire people management solution was sold to Frontline Education and the founder and several key staff moved on.

How can Align Us help your district?

Connecting Stakeholder Action to Strategic Vision

Private & secure collaboration platform.

Align Us is an efficient, ready-to-use platform that provides the district leadership an unmatched collaboration platform to communicate directly with the ENTIRE STAFF - without calling staff meetings relying on email.

A common vision among all stakeholders.

Align Us empowers the entire organization with a clearer understanding of how their daily efforts contribute to the greater goals, as defined in the strategic planning blueprint. The platform is designed to provide a structured process to help in the continuous roll out of strategic initiatives. It enables safe and secure participation from the entire education ecosystem.

Organizational alignment to improve district employee engagement.

The mission of Align Us is to connect your district “doers” with top-level initiative makers so staff understands WHY they are working and the initiative makers see WHAT has been done.

We believe that if all staff can quickly access & contribute to an organization-wide Employee Handbook to discover & document HOW each procedure and policy is best accomplished, the organization will see an increase in employee engagement.

  1. Publicize WHY people are working as a Strategic Initiative
  2. Cascade initiatives into WHAT projects need execution
  3. Define and collect HOW teams and processes function in the collaborative Handbook

Modern for millennials, simple for everyone.

Align Us has ALL the features you would expect in a modern platform. Simple & intuitive for any level of user. Real-Time Communication (RTC) means instant, clear and flowing discussions. Regardless of location, your people can collaborate, whenever they need with always-on real-time interaction. Collaboraton tools include embedded discussion boards, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, crystal clear video calling, project & task management, a searchable, interactive employee database & an internal knowledge base. Your team will always have a resource to Align Us.

screenshot of a story editor

Communicate fluidly & alleviate the email inbox overload.

Email has been the go-to method for internal messages since its invention in the 80’s. The problem is many people have grown tired & annoyed by email inbox overload. What are the chances that you see every message? Most people receive 90+ emails a day. With cc’s and reply-alls, following the flow of an email conversation can be frustrating. I can only imagine what a principal’s or superintendent’s email inbox looks like on a Monday morning. The Align Us internal messaging is securely separated by subject & initiative, saved and indexed for easy search and future review. No external hassles, No spam messages.

images of the chat notification tab and a sample chat window

Align Us has experience in building scalable platforms.

AppliTrack started as a dining room conversation between Abe & his dad.

“Son, I need a place that teachers to upload their resumes, instead of faxing & emailing.”

Way back in 1999, AppliTrack began as a way to upload a resume for one needy and frustrated school district in Illinois. It grew organically to become the standard in hiring. By 2014 it was the most widely-used teacher recruitment system in education. For districts, it transforms piles of paper-resumes & frustration into an efficient, cost-saving process for school districts. Applicants have an easy way to apply to 100’s of jobs in every state. Hiring managers/principals had an efficient filtering system and assessment tools to hire THE most qualified candidates.

screenshot of the Dashboard

Surpassing Technical Standards and Creating New Ones.

Align Us has been strategically developed with the most modern technology available. While AppliTrack was built organically over 15 years, Align Us has been deliberately & strategically planned, constructed & designed from the ground-up, using the knowledge, occasional failures & hands-on experience of running a software company that supported school districts for 15 years.

Align Us is built with proprietary, next-generation technology. No shortcuts, no 3rd party developers or repurposed systems to fit a niche. The infrastructure of Align Us ensures rapid development, superior technical stability & deep feature innovation, like you would expect from any modern SaaS platform.

With Align Us, you can expect a fresh and relevant interface in a customer-driven development and perpetual improvement, world-class support and budget-friendly subscriptions.

Collaborative Strategic Initiatives - Planning & Execution

The Strategy & Philosophy Tools are designed to give leaders a private, secure, yet transparent platform to plan, publicize, implement and execute on district strategic initiatives.

Get ready for paperless workflow and rapid information sharing.
Because it is cloud-based and paper-free, administration can monitor, discuss and adjust the strategic plan on the fly, without the hassles more meetings, emailing, printing, distributing…

  • Contributors can co-create living, editable documents with systemwide continuity.
  • Built-in workflow keeps information advancing forward with dedicated discussion boards.
  • Modern collaboration with commenting, liking, surveys, voting and upvoting.
  • Unlimited users access control by the district leadership.
  • Public login access for consultants, board members, PTA & any other district stakeholders.
screenshots of Meeting card stack options with feedback and a list of meetings with ratings

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