Social Intranet

Promote content creation, expand ideas, and co-create solutions in the workplace with modern-day tools for connected teams.

Social Intranet

Customize your profile, create status updates, and follow your peers. Stay current on your organization’s activity in your News Feed. Create events, groups, polls, and pages to facilitate team conversations.

News Feed

Employee engagement is what Align Us is all about. Stay engaged by keeping up with colleagues' activities through their posts on the company's private intranet.


Create a space for people to come together, collaborate, and share ideas. A page is a place where you can keep a group, a team, or the entire organization updated with a specific topic.


Communicate and collaborate by making a post. Like, share, tag, comment, pin, and more!

Questions and Answers

Ask any question you need answered. Send the question to everyone or ask a person directly. You can even escalate the question if you don’t receive a response.


Have a quick conversation with an individual or a group of people. Converse in instant messaging windows or expand to a full discussion board.


Plan your meeting in a few short and easy steps! Add attendees and instantly see the estimated cost of the meeting. Distribute your agenda effortlessly through the meeting's discussion board.